Everdure 4k Grill

Casual and questionable Barbequeing is a thing of the past – thanks to the new Everdure 4k Grill range. This new model turns preparation of a once informal dining experience into a high-end culinary meal, and might even leave you considering entry into the restaurant industry from your own back yard (it’s that good).

The app-controlled heat settings and smoke-controlling grilling options make multitasking possible – you can grab the plates and set the table while your meat is grilled, cooled and carefully probed by the built-in sensors. A charcoal-reloading system makes maintenance easy and realistic, and the versatility of the grill broadens the horizons of what ‘Barbeque food’ as a cuisine entails. A built-in pizza grill oven recreates the style of stonebaked outdoor ovens, giving you the freedom to create your ideal outdoor dining options with ease. Imagine Summer nights spent outside with an outdoor movie set up, surrounded by good company and enjoying deliciously cooked food.

The Everdure 4k Grill makes this dream a reality.


Everdure 4k Grill Everdure 4k Grill Everdure 4k Grill