40 Est. Tattoos for Men

One of the biggest trends in tattoos nowadays is getting one that shares with the world part of your origin story. It’s all about where you’ve been, where you come from, and sometimes how long you’ve been here. For that last one, some have the idea of getting the year of their birth tattooed somewhere on their body along with the abbreviation “Est.” meaning Established.

For whatever reason, adding Est. makes the year of your birth more powerful. It’s no longer the year you were born; rather, it’s the year that you chose to be recognized. It signals to the world how long you’ve been a force to be reckoned with in this world. There is often a sense of seriousness and determination to the people who get these kinds of tattoos.

Of course, there is far more to these tattoos than merely the letters Est. and a number. Choosing a particular type of font to use for that small collection of letters and numbers is of the utmost importance. Fortunately, there’s no shortage of options when it comes to getting inked. There’s also the matter of where on the body you want to get such a tattoo. Should it be someplace where everybody can immediately see it or should it be a little hidden. To show you all of the possibilities when it comes to Est. tattoo designs, here are a few dozen examples of people who want the world to know when they came into the world.

1_3_90 83 Bicep 94 Chest 1969 Ring 1977 Gut 1978 Faded 1981 Side 1983 Light 1983 Stencil 1985 Arm

1985 Leg 1986 Back 1986 Chinese Letter 1986 Full Chest 1986 Thin 1987 Sleeve 1988 Faded 1988 Finger 1988 Fire 1989 Full

1989 Upper Back 1990 Angel 1990 Chest 1992 Arm 1992 Stomach 1994 Back 1994 Scribbles 1995 Forearm 1996 Block 1996 Calf

1996 Forearm 1998 Pectoral 1999 Wrist California Double 1983 Established One Eye Open Red X Shoulders Story Begins