If you master to art of great casual wear, this incredibly lightweight and comfortable crew cut tee is a necessity for your closet. The Driggs is made entirely of quality combed cotton that is lightweight, but still tightly knit for durability and increased comfort. The quality material makes this t-shirt great for hanging around the house or getting in a quick workout, and doesn’t cling or catch as you move. The shirt has a cut sleeve that is the perfect length, and never too large or too baggy.  The binded collar hem is sturdy and won’t stretch out. Every Driggs shirt is preshrunk so that they come true to size, helping you find the perfect fit for every occasion. The solid black color is timeless, giving you a look that is perfectly modern and perfectly classic. With proper care, the color won’t fade or wear out, so this shirt can offer you a lifetime of comfort and practicality.


Driggs Crew TeeDriggs Crew TeeDriggs Crew Tee Driggs Crew Tee Driggs Crew Tee