How to Dress Like a Baddie

Dress Like a Baddie

Baddie Lessons

Hate them or love them, if you’re trying to adopt the baddie title, there’s no better place to start than the Kardashians. Each of their personal or family brands plays to an attribute of the ‘baddie’ look — skincare, make-up, clothing lines, and most definitely, their attitudes. The trendsetters may not claim the title of ‘baddie,’ but they certainly fill the criteria. One thing you don’t need to be a baddie, though, is a big budget — or a sex tape and athletically blessed husband. Dressing like a baddie isn’t far out and expensive if you know some general ground rules along with tips and tricks. Stay tuned for how to dress like a baddie.

sexy lady dressed like a baddie

Dress Like a Baddie: Get Low

If you don’t know where to start with your wardrobe, stick with tight-fitting clothing, hugging your curves with high-waisted everything — jeans, sweats, leggings, biker shorts, bodysuits.

Baddie wardrobe staples include a black or patterned pair of biker shorts, high waisted mom jeans, and workout leggings with matching crop tops or sports bra. The matching sets look great with a chunky shoe and jean jacket. The crop tops don’t always need to be form-fitting but should show off your figure. If you’re not feeling a crop top, throw on a vintage band tee with your biker shorts and a pair of feminine slides and call it a day.

If you’re not on a Kardashian budget, bargain sites like Shein, ROMWE, and NastyGal have pages and pages of clothing and accessories that fit the baddie lifestyle.

And don’t forget to finish your look with some jewelry and coordinating accessories. Add big hoops, layered chain necklaces, and unique, vintage-chic sunnies for a complete baddie look.

Doll-Up Like a Baddie: Contour & Highlights

Dressing like a baddie isn’t a quick slab of lipgloss and a few waves of your mascara wand. It’s a full-fledged session in front of your make-up mirror. With time and practice, the sought-after contour and highlighting will be like second nature, but only practice makes perfect.

Before applying anything or purchase make-up palettes, start with a quality make-up brush set and a skincare routine to protect your skin. Look into monthly subscription boxes for women to keep the cost of skincare products and make-up products down until you find items that work for you. The brush set and skincare routine will make achieving the badass look without suffocating your skin.

The baddie look is more than lips and eyelashes — brows, cheekbones, eyelids — it’s all part of the equation. It doesn’t have to be hot and heavy make-up, but flawless and ‘on-fleek.’ After ensuring your skin looks flawless and bright with a base foundation, highlighting and contouring cheekbones, and applying blush or bronzer, focus on bold eyebrows, long lashes, and finished with the lips. There’s something about that one baddie you follow on Instagram that you notice every time you scroll over their posts — their signature look. A rich red lipstick or bold arching eyebrows will do the trick.

Iconic baddie hairstyles are straightforward: straight or curled with a middle part, half up and half down with soft curls, Princess Leia high buns, low ponies with side-swept bangs. Nothing too high-maintenance but a look to show your baddie personality is showing.

beautiful lady dressed like a baddie

Badditude: Boss Bitches

To be a true baddie, it isn’t just about your fashion choices, make-up skills, or signature look; it’s about being true to who you are and who you want to be. Being a baddie comes down to loving yourself and letting that love shine through in attitude and choices.

Being confident in your choices and firm with your opinions, but not judgemental or overbearing towards others. If someone is rude or judgemental of you, don’t fire back, but, also, don’t apologize. Understand that their perspective of you is limited, and their judgments may come from insecurities of their own. Don’t fault others for that; they haven’t found their own baddie lane… yet.

Setting goals and striving to meet those with integrity and honesty — glow up your professional portfolio! A little elbow grease — instead of eyebrow grease — towards your goals every day puts you in a better position tomorrow. Apply this same tactic towards fitness goals. Consistently choosing to worship your temple with physical activity is a baddie trait.

Baddie Women

To be real, without the superficial aspect of being a ‘baddie,’ confidence, assertiveness, and empathy are traits all women should continuously practice, every day. Women should repeatedly choose themselves and be, unapologetically, who they are. Baddies just do this while lookin’ fine as hell, with a showstopping cheek contour and eyebrows that don’t quit.

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