Deus Ex Machina Bali Dog Motorcycle

The Bali Dog motorcycle was born from Dustin Humphrey’s mastermind; a man passionate and perplexed by the anatomy of the motorcycle. Upon his collaboration with Dare Jennings and Carby Tuckwell, the Bali Dog came to life.

This two-wheeled vehicle is designed with the daily commuter in mind. However, it takes the ordinary motorcycle rider to one with a sleek and classic sense of style and personality. Its matte black appeal projects an vintage feel with a matching retro lamp and seat.

Launched in Bali, the Dog has been remagined countless times; but has most recently been repurposed for travelling long lengths across the archipelago, as wel as being adapted for riding on off-road terrain. Since the beginning of its like as a plastic-wrapped Yamaha Scorpio, today’s Bali Dog has had its seats, handles and tanks redesigned. In fact, its new, cleaner image has been described as a form of desguise; to mask the beastly perception it once had.

The Bali Dog motorcycle could be especially interesting for backpackers or adventure seekers around the paradise like land of Indonesia. Its rugged tires will take you along the most complicated trails of the island, meanwhile remaining durable. For surfers wishing to discover the best areas to practice this thrilling sport, the Deus Ex Machina Bali Dog Motorcycle offers additional bars on its to carry your board from beach to beach safely.

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