Deejo’s Gentleman’s Knife is an Edgy Custom Gift

Leave it to French knife maker Deejo to give its sleek take on the gentleman’s knife an expressive twist with updated customization designs. Its open frame and slim build take up less room than traditional folding knives or today’s extravagant everyday carry knives.

The Deejo is a pocket knife in the truest sense of the term, one to always carry if you need a sharp edge. There’s no fancy opening mechanism or rare metal involved. Instead, it leans on its unique minimalist design that only covers the blade on one side, sliding just under a slim handle scale. That’s one reason the largest configuration only weighs 37 grams.

When you unfold the blade, you see and feel the cutout frame acting as a lock to create a stable knife. And that’s just the bare bones of its style. These Deejo knives have several customization options, including different metal finishes on the blade, wood or composite handle scales, and more than 60 engraved patterns to “tattoo” onto the blade. Lastly, you can personalize the frame with up to 35 characters of text.

Deejo pocket knife unfolded

Customizable Gift

All of the customization options for this gentleman’s knife make it a great gift option for the holidays. The dozens of tattoo patterns include natural elements (waves, a feather), art styles (art deco, art nouveau), and those closer to a tattoo parlor’s flash art (skull, pin-up). Deejo added four new tattoos in time for Christmas orders; a lucky ace of spades card hand, a shark, an array of chef’s tools, and a galleon cutting through waves.

The two largest options (9 cm and 11 cm) of the three available lengths include a pocket clip and offer the most customization options. A personalized blade makes a great keepsake or gift for a close friend or loved one. You choose the words of wisdom to pass on, but they’ll still have something dependable and stylish to help remember you. It sounds like a win for both giver and receiver, doesn’t it?

Another standout is Deejo’s stated 48-hour turnaround time, especially for this holiday season. Once shipped, the blade should reach its U.S. destination within a week.

Deejo pocket knife gift

Deejo Custom Knife Specs

  • Finishing: black titanium, matte grey, or mirror
  • Handle scale: composite or wood
  • Lock: liner
  • Length (closed): 7 cm, 9 cm, 11 cm
  • Weight: 15 g, 27 g, 37 g

Deejo Knife Customization