Dainese Misano 2 D-Air

The Misano 2 keeps most of the features that made the original model great, but it also offers several improvements. Let’s take a look at some of its key features before we dive deep into the specific strengths and improvements.

General Specifications

The most notable characteristic is the built-in D-Air padding that protects almost the entirety of the suit. Similarly-priced suits usually limit themselves to the leather body piece and require you to buy and attach the airbags separately. Once you take into account the additional time and manufacturing investment for that step, the Misano 2 is brought to the “great value” category almost immediately.

True to Dainese style, the overall design keeps to “racing” standards and is meant to provide a very slim fit. It’s made from D-Skin 2.0, which is the top-quality material out of the range that Misano works with. Three separate electronic sensors have been directly embedded into the suit in order to help you monitor (and improve) your maneuvering time, in addition to controlling its 4-litre airbag. These include 3 gyroscopes, 3 accelerometers, and a potentially-life-saving GPS tracker. It also includes knee grip inserts, as well as seamless aluminum sliders in the elbows and shoulders.


Meanwhile, the flexibility and security offered by this suit manage to remain on the top of the line without becoming suffocating, thanks to the inclusion of perforated sections on key parts of the suit (especially on the legs and back). This provides an extra outlet for steam and heat to escape. The “cold” gas generator and hydration bladder complement the suit’s luxurious environment.

So far, it all looks like the kind of minimalist gear you’d want if you are eager to hit the track racing scene. A closer look will quickly show that this suit has a lot more to offer.

Comfort Features

Dainese has definitely upped the bar when it comes to minimizing pain and chafing for their riders, even when confronted with very rugged environments. Where the Dainese Misano 1 packed second-generation D-Air technology, the Misano 2 has completely replaced this with third-generation D-Air Race 2 airbags. They have also strengthened the collarbone and neck areas, which are now much thicker and safer but never cross into the rigid territory. This is a difficult gamble to win, and its success can almost completely be attributed to the silicon infused D-Skin 2.0 materials.

As they have placed all their airbags and additional inserts specifically to address racing needs, they have been able to free up some space in the lower half of the body. This has then been further improved by including elasticated sections near the knees and lower back, which provide a snug fit but don’t hinder movement.

Finally, all these features are brought to their best possible Version thanks to a highly accurate sizing chart. The full catalog includes both female and male sizes – which, at such a tight fit, is absolutely necessary – that span between 44 and 60.


Safety Features and Telemetrics

The degree of safety offered by the Misano 2 is closely linked to the accuracy of its telemetric sensors. The gyroscopes and movement sensors can record up to 4 gigabytes worth of data and are quick enough to accurately detect the speed in which you are going. Whenever a crash or hit is detected at over 50 kilometers per hour (or 31 mph), the airbags will be automatically deployed, but any small bump at a lower speed won’t jeopardize your race.

The circuit that binds them all together is powered by a lithium-polymer battery that offers up to 8 continuous hours of battery life. This will be automatically turned on and activated the minute you hook the front clasp located right on top of the collarbone: this will cause the suit to immediately detect it’s time to shine and will begin monitoring your data. A set of safety lights right beneath the shoulder pad will turn green, allowing you to verify that everything is up and running.

The Misano 2 is a modern marvel of technology. Dainese is at the forefront with this spectacular suit.