The CZ 75D PCR is a gun whose abbreviation stands for the Police Czech Republic. This is due to the CZ 75D PCR having been designed for that group in particular. It is almost identical to the CZ 75 Compact in size and weights nearly a full quarter pound lighter than it as well because it was made from forged aluminum. This makes the CZ 75D PCR more comfortable and easier to carry around every single day. Similar to the P-01 in a few ways, the CZ uses an identical alloy frame but does not come with the light rail. Because of this, it is even more readily concealed.

Available with a decocking lever, the CZ 75D PCR has been made to be easily decocked. The trigger pull is available in double action or single action. There is no need for you to flip off a safety lever, but the heavier and longer trigger pull on the first round will require you to make the conscious decision to pull the trigger before you fire it. There are a few other additions to the CZ 75D PCR that make it unique. These include rubber grip panels for better gripr. They also include front and back straps that have been serrated. The purpose of this is to help those who are using the 75D to have improved handling. A loaded chamber indicator finishes off the gun.