Cover Backyard Studios

The Cover Backyard Studios allows you to remove the hassle of having to build a new backyard studio from scratch. Instead, you can take advantage of the optimized design software and the versatile building system of the Cover Backyard Studios to get the job done. The homes are all ultra modern and will not create an unsightly eyesore in the yard like a temporary camper or trailer might. You can design your own perfect in-law suite that you can be proud to show off when a guest comes to stay.

You won’t need to try to coordinate with planning departments, architects or contractors when you use this service. The process happens in three different steps. The first step is the design process. It costs around $250 and offers a number of services such as zoning research, all inclusive quotes, dimensioned floor plans, multiple design options and design visualizations; the permit stage which costs around $20,000 and takes around four to twelve weeks for a site survey, building permit submission, planning permit submission, geotechnical analysis and code and safety compliance; and finally, the building process which can take up to 12 weeks and entails foundation and site work, building inspections, precision manufacturing, final assembly and assistance with moving in. Currently, Cover Backyard Studios is delivering their products and services to the Los Angeles city area and can help anyone in that area streamline their design and building process to eliminate the stress of building an add on. Learn more here.

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