Complements Modular Chocolate

You can finally get back at the grown-ups who told you not to play with your food. Universal Favourite and Backedown Cakery have come together to create a unique and entertaining product.

Complements Modular Chocolate are handmade buildable chocolate “legos”. These chocolates however, are not traditional whatsoever. These have been crafted into different colours and flavours.

Having said that they’re in fact legos, you’ll be able to stack each piece to combine these interesting flavours to produce an unexpected, yet exquisite chocolate candies.

Some of the many flavours that are included in this kit are cookies and cream, mango, strawberry, matcha, vanilla, salted caramel, pistachio, and of course; the essential single origin dark chocolate. Each bite of your own creation will take you somewhere entirely different. The simplicity or complexity of each candy is completely left up to you. You’ll have the chance to discover a combination of flavours you hadn’t considered could work well together.

The ingredients used to produce these chocolates are of the ultimate quality.  Besides being handmade, Australian grown nuts, fruits from the New Zealand Alps and Belgian couverture together compose a wonderful pairing of design and chocolate.

The Complements Modular Chocolate is an excellent gift idea for any occassion. They can also occupy a space in your living area for your guests to get intrigued by and relish on.  This amazing invention has been awarded several times with the most prestigious of prizes.


Complements Modular Chocolate
Complements Modular Chocolate