Colon Cleaner Hot Sauce

There are some people who seem to thrive on the searing of hot foods on their tongues; the ones that will eat hot peppers until their mouth waters as does their eyes; until their noses run and they are red in the face–and these people are totally happy about it. Some people seem to think that there is nothing out there that is hot enough to bring them to their knees, and for those people, it is clear that they have not tried the Professor Phardtpounders Colon Cleaner Hot Sauce. This hot sauce is an all-natural hot sauce that provides the kick that lovers of spicy foods crave and all of the flavor that they often miss out on eating other hot sauces that only use different kinds of peppers and water.

This Hot Sauce comes in a flask bottle to show off the oldness of the production of such a hot sauce. Its unique casing houses a number of ingredients that provide it with the heat and the flavor that all lovers of spicy food will enjoy, from scotch bonnet peppers to sweet mustard; from the salt and onions that bring out the best in flavors; to the traditional ingredients of hot sauce such as water, vinegar, turmeric and more. It is an elixir of capsaicin extremus, which promises that the Colon Cleaner Hot Sauce will certainly live up to its name, so be sure you are in proximity of a restroom before you indulge.