Clip Case: bitplay’s Innovative Wander Case

Taiwanese phone accessory maker bitplay entices Wander Case suitors with the audacious invitation to “explore all of life’s possibilities with ease.” We found that offer too good to pass up, so we had to take a closer look. The highly differentiated case centers around a carabiner that also functions as a stand, which is pretty cool, and integrates with bitplay’s intriguing lens attachments. Its interchangeable backplate helps you keep your vibe fresh.

Speaking of vibe, bitplay lost me with the mega-dorky carrying straps, but they do seem effective, and any trend is beset at first by curmudgeons and finger-pointers like me. Regardless, the case itself seems like a winner. Before continuing, note that Android users (as of this writing) are out of luck: bitplay is iOS-compatible only.

bitplay’s wandercase

Clip Flip: bitplay Wander Case Carabiner

bitplay fits the Wander Case with a rectangular carabiner that functions as a stand-in both vertical and horizontal orientation, as well as an attachment point. The company claims that it’s the first phone case to use a carabiner as a stand, which seems plausible based on a quick Google search.

Regardless, the carabiner stand is a good idea. It’s a logical multi-functional touch, in the same way that a pop socket doubles as a stand and a grip feature.

Lens Adapter

“To capture life’s most special moments,” bitplay says, you can add an adapter to Wander Case and attach any of its proprietary lenses. With your new glass attached, you might feel the need to be more careful with your phone — for this, you can thread your finger through the carabiner. If your phone still takes a gnarly digger despite your most careful treatment, the case is shock absorbent.

bitplay offers a wide variety of lenses. Anyone who’s seen my photos knows I dropped out of photography school around sixth grade; I don’t have to use the grid overlay to apply the rule of thirds, but that’s about the extent of my acumen. As such, I can’t talk with authority about bitplay’s lens quality. Note that various specialty types are available (macro, telephoto, wide-angle, fisheye, etc.). Lenses and kits MSRP from about $20-120.

bitplay’s wandercase

Straps On

Can we talk about the straps? To me, this is the dorkiest thing ever. bitplay makes its own straps to sling your Wander-Cased phone around your body the way a pith-helmeted safari-goer might carry a DSLR they don’t know how to use.

Now that I got that out of the way, the straps are, essentially, camera gear. Insofar as you want to use bitplay’s attachments to turn your phone into a travel camera, the straps’ utility is obvious. But carrying your phone around your neck like a massive choad on a very long lanyard? I may not be as trendy enough to wear California Cowboy gear, but I can tell what’s gonna make me look like a stooge.

But bitplay is on top of the cool points game with its interchangeable backplate. As discussed above, your phone is part of your fashion (and it’s with you every day). Swappable backplates can help you keep it fresh, no matter which joggers, crop tank, and headphones you decide to wear.

Upshot and Purchasing the bitplay Wander Case

bitplay’s Wander Case is a viable accessory with its multipurpose carabiner, shock resistance, and auxiliary camera lens compatibility. The interchangeable backplate facilitates fashion versatility. But it remains to be seen whether or not we admit that our phones are millstones of burden and take up wearing them around our necks.

Here’s the price breakdown:

  • Wander Case: starts at $34 MSRP
  • Backplates: $13 MSRP
  • Adventure Strap: $30 MSRP
  • Urban Lite Strap: $20 MSRP
  • Add-On Lens Adapter: $16 MSRP

bitplay’s wandercasebitplay’s wandercasebitplay’s wandercase