Billy Reid Bond Peacoat

The story behind the ‘Billy Reid Bond Peacoat’ success is the kind of scenario many modern independent clothing brands today can only dream of.

Alabama-based Billy Reid Suiters independently began a bid to have their peacoat placed in the James Bond film Skyfall, after Daniel Craig personally bought a piece for his own private use prior to the movie’s filming. They succeeded in these efforts, and once the movie hit screens, orders began flying in from fans and admirers all over the world for the now iconic suit jacket worn by James Bond .

The brand sold out over and over again, and were backlogged for up to 2 years with orders. The piece is now in the brand’s ‘core collection’, and the jacket is considered somewhat of an emblem of fandom in the 007 community.

An 80% wool, 20% nylon blend gives a thick and protective coating to a jacket worn by a man who withstands bullets for a living. The thickness and practicality of the Peacoat means that not only is it stylish, but it will also definitely keep you warm!

The fit on this fashionable AND functional piece is trim, but your normal size will generally fit (unless you plan on wearing a bulletproof vest underneath).


Billy Reid Bond Peacoat Billy Reid Bond Peacoat Billy Reid Bond Peacoat Billy Reid Bond Peacoat