Bielmann House

Functionality, aesthetics and environmentally conscious – the Bielmann House really does have it all covered. A supreme feat of architectural magnificence, the outer walls are constructed from folded slabs of concrete, recreating an almost monolithic dwelling like those once used by long-forgotten ancestors.

Maybe that’s why this home seems so appealing.

The intelligent design creates a shaded area during warmer months, as well as a sheltered terrace for the cooler days, making the adaptability and practicality of this home an extremely attractive factor. The external raw material is broken up with interspersed (and enormous) sections of glazing to allow light in, and it makes for an effective contrast between the modern and the natural materials used in construction. This glazing also provides scenic functionality, opening towards spectacular views of the Montseny range and beautiful gardens below. Geothermal energy is provided to the house with heat and energy from an installation based on Voltaic solar panels, making Bielmann house an almost entirely independent structure.

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Bielmann House Bielmann House Bielmann House Bielmann House Bielmann House