Bia Watches – Empowered Watches for Empowered Women

We all have a strong woman in our life that we know and love. Their strength inspires us, and their determination gives us hope. Many women all over the globe need assistance reaching their full potential and becoming the strong, powerful women we know and love. Bia Watches are a collection of watches under $500 that supports charities that empower women with every purchase. When you purchase a Bia Watch, you’re not only showing the women in your life your love; you’re supporting women everywhere.bia watches

The Rosie Dive Series

The Rosie Dive Series from Bia Watches arcs back to the World War II-era posters featuring Rosie the Riveter; these posters aimed to get patriotic women to join the workforce as men left to fight in World War II. Rosie the Riveter is now an American icon, and an image is still used to empower women. The watch series features 14 bright and bold dive watches with various band types ranging from $175 up to $225. Each watch features a 38-millimeter stainless steel case. Each watch face features Japanese quartz, three hands, water-resistance up to 656 feet, and a uni-directional rotating bezel, the hallmarks of a classic dive watch. Each watch is also solar-powered; ten minutes of light exposure guarantees you ten hours of power for your timepiece.

The Suffragette Series

The Rosie Dive series resembles the classic dive watch, and the Suffragette series is a little more focused on style. A suffragette is a woman who fought for women’s right to vote via organized protest. This collection features a watch for every style and suffragette. The brightly colored 36-millimeter cases of this collection have a lower profile than the Rosie series, but they also come with additional band options. In this collection, you’ll find a selection of link bracelets, leather straps, and mesh straps to complement the stainless steel, Japanese quartz, and glass crystal faces. These faces are scratch resistant, and the watches themselves are water-resistant up t0 338 feet, making them durable for all the adventures of the wearer. Like all other Bia Watches, these watches are solar-powered. Ten minutes of exposure to light brings you ten full hours of time-telling. This collection features prices from $175 up to $200, making them an affordable gift this holiday season.bia watches

If you’re looking for a classic accessory with a purpose behind it, a Bia Watch from the Rosie Dive or Suffragette Series is an excellent choice this holiday season. The quality is exceptional at the price, and there’s something for every woman. To pick one up, head on over to the Time Concepts website and explore the collections.


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