The 14 Best Vacuum-Insulated Water Bottles

Some things, such as aging, are unavoidable in life. However, many other unpleasant aspects of our daily lives seem unavoidable only because the right technology isn’t quite available yet. This includes slow internet connections during storms, “low battery” notifications on our smartphones, and a sip of uncomfortably warm water after a run.

Heat radiates and spreads, which is why your water bottle and coffee mugs will always tend towards the wrong temperature. But insulation technology has advanced by leaps and bounds over the last decades. Even better, over the last couple of years, the cost of these technologies has become accessible enough to leave industrial settings and reach retail aisles.

Vacuum insulated is one of these modern day wonders. These water bottles are the most effective way to ensure your drinks all stay at the temperature you want them to for as long as realistically possible.

S’well Basic Insulated Water BottleS’well Basic Insulated Water Bottle

Some of us live permanently on a rush, which means that dexterity and delicacy are left a bit lower on our priority list. While there is nothing to be done around China or mirrors, it would be a good idea to keep your water bottle out of the ever-growing list of fragile items you need to be careful about.

S’well must have people who understand this working for them because their Basic Insulated water bottle is basically sturdy. Yet, with a weight of only 11 ounces, this remains a light and easy to carry option. Its double layer of high-grade steel is combined with a BPA-free twist cap, which is wide enough for you to fit ice cubes through it, but not noticeably larger than most single-use plastic bottles.

It keeps 17 ounces of cold drinks chilled for up to 24 hours and hot ones hot for up to 12 hours. It comes in a very large variety of colors and designs (many are seasonal or limited-edition), so the chances are that nobody in your spinning class will have the exact same bottle.

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Thermos Vacuum Insulated BottleThermos Vacuum Insulated Bottle

German manufacturer Thermos was the first to invent vacuum-insulated products back in the Mad Men era. Theirs are the first brick-like models, and the word Thermos is still synonymous with warm coffee in many parts of the world.

It should not be a surprise, then, that they have expanded their line enough to tackle the portable bottle market. This 18-ounce bottle is sleek and elegant and will keep your water chilled for the day. It is fully dishwasher-safe and equipped with a very handy button-powered lid that turns taking a quick sip into a breeze, even while driving or multitasking.

Don’t worry about ruining your paperwork around this bottle. It will leave no condensation or wet rings behind.


Klean Kanteen Insulated Steel BottleKlean Kanteen Insulated Steel Bottle

This wide-mouth model is one of the most versatile ones out there. Although it doesn’t keep hot liquids for as long as other options on this list, the Klean Kanteen’s astonishing performance with cold liquids has earned it a well-deserved place among the very best.

The twist-open cap is easy to use and provides a wide enough opening for you to fit in any sort of cold drink, not just water. From frappe coffee to smoothies and slushies, rest assured that the Klean Kanteen will keep them well chilled the entire day and will be easy to wash once you come back home.

This bottle is also remarkably shock-resistant, so you won’t ruin the insulation by dropping it a couple of times. It can carry up to 20 ounces and comes in four different vibrant colors.

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Snow Peak KanpaiSnow Peak Kanpai

You may have never thought of a water bottle as a luxury item or a design statement, but Snow Peak makes a good case for both with their Kanpai vacuum-insulated water bottle.

Boy, this is a pretty model ­– equally classy in dark silver, pearl white, and wine red. They have tried to make the Rolex of water bottles, and it seems they have succeeded. Where most water bottles keep hot drinks reasonably hot for 10 to 12 hours, the Kanpai will keep them at the exact same temperature for 6 – and then you can begin counting an extra 12 hours in a comfortable, tasty temperature. Cold fluids, on the other hand, will remain cold past the 40-hour mark.

How did they accomplish this? This bottle comes with separate cold and hot lids. Specialization is the best route to efficiency, after all. The cold liquids lid is equipped with an internal gel pack, which can be frozen before use.


Takeya Insulated ThermoflaskTakeya Insulated Thermoflask

If you are looking for a wide-mouthed option that performs well with both hot and cold liquids, then Takeya’s flask may be a worthy investment.

This option sits comfortably midway between a sports bottle and a travel mug. A hard plastic hinge-lock with a holding ring makes it convenient and easy to carry during a demanding exercise session or a long trek.

Its food-grade materials include two premium steel layers and BPA-free details. It will keep ice-cold beverages for up to 24 hours, and piping hot ones for up to 12 hours. The 24-ounce model is slim and light, but you can still put ice cubes inside without any major hassle. The bottle is available in steel, graphite, navy blue, orchid pink, bright red, black, and white finishes. Like all Takeya products, it comes with a lifetime warranty.


William Stanley Insulated 25-Ounce FlaskWilliam Stanley Insulated 25-Ounce Flask

William Stanley is almost mythical to trail and trek fans and many who grew up with a love of camping. Their latest iteration of one of their signature products keeps things simple and design traditional. It is made from superb 18/8 stainless steel, a very resistant cover, and features three different camo-compatible color schemes.

This dishwasher-safe bottle won’t rust and is BPA-free, so don’t hesitate to let your kids sip from it (although you may want to warn them about the contents first). Thanks to its two-stage lid, it can be opened and closed back fairly easily and will keep warm or chilled liquids for up to 8 hours, and iced drinks for up to 28.

Like any brand that knows what they are doing, Stanley Williams is not afraid to stand behind its products, which is why this flask comes with a lifetime warranty.


Hydro Flask Insulated Sports BottleHydro Flask Insulated Sports Bottle

Oregon-based Hydro Flask is one of the most reputable brands for sports apparel, despite being relatively new to the market. Their jumping man logo is now synonymous with sturdy and stylish products, and you have likely spotted it already around your local gym.

This vacuum-insulated bottle uses the brand’s patented TempShield technology, which guarantees cold drinks will remain cool for up to 24 hours while keeping your coffee or tea hot for up to 6. The tight-lid cap is easy to close, leak-free, and bump-resistant. You would have to be really trying if you wanted to break it or spill out the contents. For additional ease while on the move, it hides a practical, easy-to-clean plastic straw that will keep its shape for years.

The bottle hides its layers of insulated metal behind a powder coat that makes gripping it easier and provides vibrant and bright color options, ranging from white to hot pink with anything from mint, turquoise, and silver in between.

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MIIR 23-Ounce Conscious Water BottleMIIR 23-Ounce Conscious Water Bottle

A reusable and insulated water bottle is already doing a lot for the environment as it is keeping yet another single-use piece of plastic from floating in the oceans for the next 2,000 years.

If you are seriously committed to making this world a little bit better, consider this vacuum-insulated model by MIIR. In addition to superb insulation (up to 12 hours for hot liquids and over 24 hours for cold ones), a cut of the profits goes to installing new wells in areas that have no access to clean water. As a brand, MIIR wants to keep its operations as transparent as possible, which is why they include the coordinates and photo evidence of the well you are helping to build as part of the package.

When it comes to the bottle itself, this model doesn’t disappoint, either. Easy to grip and shock-resistant, the cap is wide enough for you to pour in ice or thick juices, but you will also be able to chug easily without anything dripping down your neck.


Avex Brazos Autoseal BottleAvex Brazos Autoseal Bottle

Bright colors and polished metal finishes are great while in the city, but any trekker or hunter worth their salt can list the reasons why they are not the best choice when facing the Great Outdoors.

Thinking of such a picky, quality-conscious demographic, AVEX has designed a Real Tree Camo insulated bottle. Every detail of this product has been especially thought out with convenience and discretion in mind. The push-button top offers no problems for those who need to take a quick, stealthy sip using just one hand, and yet it remains fully leak and spill-proof.

Also, the slight curve of the design makes for an easy grip without making it difficult to wash. The bottle will also remain sweat-free, even in very hot and humid environments.

This bottle weighs only 13 ounces but can carry up to 24 ounces of your favorite chilled drink and keep it cold for over 20 hours. Although not advertised for hot fluids, it performs remarkably well in that department as well.

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Under Armour DominateUnder Armour Dominate

As a brand, Under Armour is not usually linked to drinking or comfort. Their business is fitness and performance. Naturally, this means they had to hit the water bottle market at some point. After all, what is a strenuous gym session without hydration? A medical emergency waiting to happen.

This is one of the best cold-water bottles out there and will keep any chilled liquids cold for over 12 hours. While the flip-top lid provides a narrow entry, perfect to take a sip without slowing you down, just twist it off if you need to pour a thicker protein shake inside.

Another remarkable feature of the Dominate is its silicon grip gauntlet, which will make it easy to grip without providing any inside ridges that could jeopardize hygiene.


Thermo Tank Vacuum Insulated BottleThermo Tank Vacuum Insulated Bottle

While eternal ice remains restricted to your ex’s heart, a 36-hour-long chill is still a more than acceptable performance for a thermic water bottle. The Thermo Tank has a capacity for 17 ounces of your favorite chilled drink. Although the double layers of stainless steel make this bottle a bit heavy, it is still slim enough to wrap your fingers around it while you run.

The twist-off cap is simple to open and close, taking out a lot of the guesswork out of it. Have you ever had to hold a bottle upside down to see if it leaks, just to “test” that you closed it properly? Inconvenient as that is, a slightly open bottle would also jeopardize insulation, which is why the Thermo Tank went to great lengths to keep this from ever happening.

Shock and even throw-resistant, the Thermo Tank comes in five different colors.


Mira Water BottleMira Water Bottle

Solid and eco-friendly, manufacturer Mira has created a beautiful and resilient model that still manages to be affordable and to give back to the community.

They are committed to providing clean water to communities across the Americas and to reducing the culture of use-and-toss plastic that currently surrounds us. Everything in their water bottle, from the packaging to its insulating layers of steel, has been designed with these ideals and functionality in mind.

Their bottle is available in three different sizes: 9 ounces, 17 ounces, and 24 ounces. They come in a variety of colors of quickly-changing availability. So, if you see the unique pattern of your dreams, grab it fast!


The Coldest Water 1-Gallon Water BottleThe Coldest Water 1-Gallon Water Bottle

Most insulated water bottles provide us with enough hydration for a long jog or a full-on workout. So, what happens during those long treks where you need to ensure you will have a lasting supply of glacier-cold fluids?

You could buy several 14-ounce bottles, or you could take this great adventure-size bottle for a ride. The Coldest Water has not hesitated to place a bold claim as part of their branding, and they are willing to stand behind it.

This growler will allow you to drink quickly without spilling and can be carried easily, thanks to its strong, heavy-duty handle. If you ever need to put something other than water inside, its BPA-free inner coating is odor-resistant and should serve you right.


Yeti Rambler Stainless Steel Insulated BottleYeti Rambler Stainless Steel Insulated Bottle

Beautiful and practical, the Yeti Rambler performs well with hot and cold fluids alike. This bottle has a double-wall vacuum-insulated construction made entirely from eco-friendly steel on the inside, but with several added power-ups on the outside to maximize its usability and resilience.

First, the cap: leak-proof and solid, it provides a comfortable grip for three fingers and prevents spilling, leaking, and sweating while remaining easy to twist off and back on. Second, the bottle’s straight design fits any cup holder and makes the bottle easy to clean and sanitize. Finally, the DuraCoat Color coating comes in a variety of combinations, ranging from chic to cute to rugged and won’t crack or peel off.



How does Vacuum Insulation Work?

Think of your standard paper coffee cup. It is a truth universally acknowledged that the steaming coffee you buy right after leaving the house will be lukewarm by the time you’re ready to take the last sip and downright unpleasant if you take an hour or more to finish it.

This happens because heat tends to transfer until it reaches a stable, uniform temperature – making your coffee the same temperature as your air-conditioned car or office. This happens through three mechanisms: conduction (which happens when things touch directly), convection (which is when heat transfers through a moving gas or liquid), and radiation (the process by which hot objects emit light or heat even through empty spaces).

Vacuum insulation can stop (or, at least, dramatically slow down) all three processes. It achieves this through two main features: a tight, airproof lid and a double layer of insulating metal, with a void in between.

Vacuum insulation is no new discovery as it has been available for decades in bulky and heavy coffee flasks. While these are often carried to picnics and on long hikes, they have usually been too much of a hassle for your morning brew and way too heavy for you to drag along them while jogging.

What Makes a Good Insulated Water Bottle Superb?

To compile this list, we have sought out and tested a variety of water bottles and portable flasks to ensure that we can provide you with a list of the very best that the online marketplace has to offer.

The first and most important factor we tested was actual insulation. It may sound obvious, but not everything that shines is gold. And many online sales offer “vacuum insulated” bottles that are little better than liquor flasks. We also looked at size and weight. Double layers of metal can be heavy if constructed out of cheap alloys, but a good portable bottle should be light and able to fit in your car’s cup holder.

We also gave extra points for resilience (because a broken container is no good to anyone), ease of use (especially for the bottle cap, which should be easy to open and close properly), and design (because we like style and are not ashamed of it).