The 115 Best Rosary Tattoos for Men

Religion is a very big part of many people’s lives. One of the best and more permanent ways of expressing that you are a religious person is by dedicating a tattoo to your faith. The placement does not matter as much as the sentiment and design of your tattoo. If you have been itching to get a religious tattoo as a physical manifestation of your faith in God, then we highly suggest you take a look at these rosary tattoo ideas for men.

The rosary is a very fundamental and essential part of the religion of Catholicism. For this reason, and many others, the rosary is such an important symbol, and having a tattoo designed in a way that incorporates a rosary, you will have a testimony of faith inked on your skin forever. And the best part about rosary tattoos for men is that there are seemingly endless options when it comes to the design, style, placement, and size of your religious rosary tattoo.

Many men might be detered from getting a rosary tattoo because this religious piece can often be perceived as a feminine symbol. But whether you view a rosary as being jewelry or you simply see the Catholic rosary as a string of beads to hold onto during prayers, a rosary tattoo is one of the most symbolic religious tattoo ideas for men.

Here are 115 rosary tattoo ideas for men.

Shaded In Tattoo with Rosary for Men Shaded Inner Bicep Tattoo with Multiple Rosaries Shaded Rosary and Lightbeam Forearm Tattoo Idea Shadow Rosary Tattoo with Names of People You Lofe Shoulder Rose and Rosary Clock Tattoo Idea Shoulder Tattoo for Men with Pray for Us Banner Side Piece Religious Tattoo with Handwritten Quote Side Rib Cage Full Length Rosary Tattoo Idea Simple Full Back Rosary Tattoo for Men Simple Rosary Chain Front Chest Piece

Sketched Rib Cage Tattoo Idea for Men Small Hand Holding Rosary Tattoo Idea for Men Inner Bicep Rosary Tattoo Knuckles Gripping a Rosary Along the Forearm Large Rosary Chest Piece for Men Left Chest Praying Rosary Tattoo Idea for Men Love for the Game Baseball and Rosary Tattoo Minimalistic Outlined Tattoo of a Nun and Rosary Minimalistic Praying Hands Rib Cage Rosary Tattoo Motivational Quote Tattoo Surrounded by a Rosary

Neo Traditional Rosary Tattoo of a Skeleton Off the Shoulder Rosary Chest Piece Idea Outer Arm Detailed Cross and Rosary Tattoo Outer Forearm Rosary Shaded Tattoo Idea for Men Palm Leaves and Rosary Ankle Piece for Men Prayer Hands and Rosary Blessed by Heaven Tattoo Prayer Hands and Rosary Tattoo Dedicated to a Deceased Family Member Prayer Hands Surrounded by a Rosary Prayer Hands with Rosary Hanging from Fingertips Praying Hands Holding a Rosary

Realistic Full Detail Rosary Tattoo For Men Realistic Rosary as a Necklace Tattoo Realistic Tattoo of Two Hands Holding a Rosary Religious Full Sleeve Tattoo for Men Religious Rosary and Torn Skin Chest Piece Religious Symbol Roman Catholic Cross Rosary Tattoo Idea Religious Tattoo with a Rosary in Memoriam of a Family Member or Friend Religious Wings and Rosary Neck Piece for Men Rib Cage Portrait Tattoo of a Woman Holding a Rosary Rib Cage Rosary Tattoo for Religious Men

Rosary and Bible Quote Forearm Tattoo Idea Rosary and Bible Tattoo Idea for Men's Chest Rosary Ankle Foot Tattoo Idea for Men Rosary Arm Tattoo that Spans from Your Shoulder to Your Elbow Rosary Beads in the Shape of a Heart Rosary Bracelet Tattoo Idea Rosary Chest Tattoo Dedicated to Dead Loved One Rosary Chest Tattoo with Jesus Nailed to the Crucifix Rosary Forearm Tattoo that Extends to Your Hand Rosary Hand Forearm Tattoo that Looks Like a Drawing

Rosary Hand Tattoo for Men Rosary Necklace Chest Tattoo Piece Rosary Surrounded by Roses on Your Forearm Rosary Tattoo Dedicated to a Departed Loved One Rosary Tattoo Paired with the Image of Jesus Wearing Thorns Rosary Tattoo Paired with the Name of a Loved One Rosary Tattoo that Incorporates Flowers and a Deer's Skull Rosary Tattoo that Looks Like You are Holding Onto the Beads Rosary Tattoo that Pops Against Your Forearm Rosary Tattoo That Stands Out on Your Forearm

Rosary Tattoo with Birth Stones of Loved One Rosary with Roses Rib Cage Tattoo Rosary with the Word Hernanda for Faith Rose and Rosary Forearm Tattoo for Men Shaded Full Lower Arm Tattoo Idea for Men 3D Rosary Tattoo Around the Neck Tattoo Idea for Men American Traditional Rosary Piece for Men Ankle Tattoo with Teal Rosary Beads Antique and Vintage Rosary Back Tattoo Idea Around the Wrist Rosary Beads Hand Tattoo

Back of Neck Rosary Tattoo Idea Back of the Shoulder Beaded Rosary Tattoo Beautiful Rosary Shoulder Tattoo for Men Black and White Chest Tattoo of a Rosary Blue and Navy Shoulder Through-the-Skin Rosary Tattoo Bold and Shaded Rosary Piece for Men Brightly Colored In Rosary Bracelet Tattoo Idea Buffalo Skull Rosary Tattoo on Your Sternum Chest Rosary Tattoo with Folded Hands Coild Up Rosary Bead Chest Tattoo

Colorful Rose and Rosary Ankle Tattoo Dainty Rosary Tattoo Idea along Your Forearm Darkened Background Rosary Tattoo Idea for Men Detailed Rosary Wrist Tattoo for Men Detailed Roses and Rosary Chest Piece Idea for Men Dove and Hand Rosary Tattoo Idea for Men Faded Prayer Hands Tattoo Devoted to Your Daughter Faded Vintage Praying Hands Rosary Tattoo for Men Fine Line Forearm Rosary Tattoo Idea Forearm Religious Rosary and Cross Tattoo

Forearm Rosary Piece for Men Forearm Rosary Tattoo that Blends in With Roses Forearm Rose Shaded Tattoo Idea Full Cross Rosary Tattoo Dedicated to Family Full Front Chest Rosary Tattoo Idea Full Outer Arm Tattoo Idea Full Shoulder Tattoo of Jesus and Rosary Full Size Prayer Hands with Negative Space Rosary Tattoo Full Sleeve Christian Cross and Rosary Tattoo Geometric Clock and Rosary Upper Arm Tattoo

Grey Rosary Medallion Forearm Tattoo Heaven and Hell Back of Arm Rosary Tattoo Tattoo of a Rosary with Cross Near the Wrist Tattoo of a Rosary with Jesus' Pierced Hands from Nails Tattoo Sleeve with a Rosary Traditional Style Rosary and Rose Bouquet Tattoo Upper Arm Rosary Matching Tattoos for Men Upper Arm Tattoo of a Woman with Rosary Beads Very Detailed Crucifix Rosary Piece for Men Very Detailed Crucifix Rosary Tattoo Idea

Wrapped Around Rosary Wrist Tattoo Soaring Dove and Crucifix Rosary Tattoo Idea for Men Spiraling Rosary Full Arm Tattoo Idea Tattoo of a Beam of Light Surrounding a Rosary Tattoo of a Praying Woman Holding a Rosary