The 10 Best Portable Camping Showers

You definitely know that going to woods will cost you a couple of days of dirt, sweat, and hard work! If you’re planning to take a trip that will last a few days, you might not be able to enjoy a warm shower for that time. Some people would be fine with that. But, if you want to keep your body clean and your humanity intact while you’re out in the wild, you should consider taking a camping shower along with you.

Usually, these showers are large reservoirs of water that can be hung on a tree branch, heated, and used to enjoy a warm shower. Some of these reservoirs are quite modern with many convenient ways to heat the water. Others are just simple reservoirs with shower heads; heating the water is up to your ingenuity.

There are a few key concerns to keep in mind if you’re looking to buy a camping shower for your outdoor adventures. Our reviews of the best 10 camping showers should help you determine what you’re looking for.

Iron Hammer Portable Camping ShowerIron Hammer Portable Camping Shower

This shower is perfect for those who like to go camping in their cars. It has a 4800 mAh rechargeable battery. The low-battery light will let you know when it’s time to plug it back in. It will give you about an hour’s worth of use between charges. You can hang the shower head between a couple branches or hold it in one hand.

The technology included will allow you to choose between two water pressure options for the best experience possible. The higher water pressure is good for washing your car or your pet, while the lower pressure is simply the best for showering. This camping shower is one of the most versatile models available.

It’s a very minimalistic, unique design that makes it easy to use and easy to pack. The materials of the Iron Hammer make it very compact but lightweight at the same time. The shower has a built-in, easily rinsable multi-layer filter that will keep your water clean.

This product has a pretty long shower hose that you can extend to enjoy a comfortable rinse without any trouble. You can use this shower with both warm and cold water, making it perfect for either summer or winter camping.


Suaoki Outdoor Camping ShowerSuaoki Outdoor Camping Shower

If you’re a serious camper, you will love this Suaoki shower. All you have to do is to plug it into your cigarette lighter outlet in your car, and you will be ready to use it right away. This camping shower is quite versatile and lightweight – making you sure that you will keep clean while you’re on your trip to the great outdoors.

When you’re looking for hiking or camping gear, portability is definitely a key factor. This also includes compactness and weight. The whole Suaoki showering system weighs less than a pound, meaning that you can take it anywhere. Regarding compactness, this system has a shower head on one end and a water pump on the other. You are not required to add any additional accessories. It’s also very easy to maintain and store this camping shower. All you need to do is rinse out the filter after every trip, and it’ll be ready to use the next time you need a portable shower.

There is a suction cup, an S-hook, and a long power cord included with this model. You can hang it by the hook for a hands-free shower, or move the head around as you like. The on/off button makes conserving your water easier than ever.


ZODI Outback Gear Hot Tap Travel ShowerZODI Outback Gear Hot Tap Travel Shower

This premium camping shower has a solution for you if you’re looking for something to make your hiking and camping trips more comfortable. It’s perfect if you like to enjoy cold environments and visit them often, or simply need a hot shower to feel clean. It brings together versatility, performance, quality, and durability.

At first glance, you may find this product a bit more bulky than other camping showers that come without reservoirs or containers as this one comes with an 8-foot housing. It’s recommended that you use this camping shower if you’re going to stay close to your car, as you wouldn’t want to lug this one deep into the woods.

The Hot Tap shower has a propane heating system and a 6 volt water pump that runs the water through a heating tank before it reaches the head. The propane flame can heat the water up to 100 degrees for you.

The water pump itself is fast, very powerful, and provides a consistent water flow. This is something that you are looking for in every camping shower, and this one has it. You can enjoy the convenience of this camping shower and enjoy a warm rinse wherever and whenever you want to. You won’t have to wait for hot water as the shower will provide you with it instantly. This camping shower has everything you need. You won’t even have to bring your own bucket. Just fill the case with water, turn on the propane, and click the pump on.


Advanced Elements 5 Gallon Solar Shower

This Advanced Elements shower is durable, very easy to use, and incredibly compact. This camping shower uses solar power to heat the water so that you get a pleasant experience every time you use it. No charging, no electric pump.

A reflector panel will speed the process of warming the water, so you won’t have to wait more than a couple hours to enjoy warm water. The insulator panel will keep the water warm overnight. A temperature gauge lets you know how warm the water inside the pouch is, so you can decide to let it heat longer if you want to.

You can get this camping shower in a few different sizes. The sizes range from 2.5 to 10 gallons. The number of gallons you need only depends on how many people want to take a shower in a row. If you can refill the pouch and wait for it to heat up again, you won’t have a problem using the smaller sizes.

The workmanship and advanced technology of this camping shower ensures you that you will enjoy long service and consistent water flow. It’s a simple, durable design with not much to break. When you’re ready to take your shower, simply turn on the shower head and let the water flow.

This model even has a mirror and pockets for your shower supplies.


ProduTrend Portable Camping ShowerProduTrend Portable Camping Shower

You will have an amazing experience with this ProduTrend camping shower. Whether you’re hiking or camping, all you need is just a water bucket and this camping shower. It’s compact and super lightweight, featuring a standard battery-powered pump and a basic shower hand. The shower hose is quite long and the head has a suction hose and a hook for you to hang it somewhere.

The size makes it ideal for people who don’t have a lot of space on their trips but like to enjoy a warm shower while they’re out in the wilderness.

This product can also be a great gift for someone. You can impress your relative or a friend with the compact design of this camping shower if they love outdoor adventures. Also, it is an awesome Christmas or birthday gift for people who love spending time on the road, up the mountains, or at music festivals. This camping shower is also great for washing cars and cleanings pets while you’re away for the weekend.

This portable shower is good for all weather conditions, unlike other camping showers that might not work very well in cold temperatures. The reason for this is the rechargeable batteries that guarantee consistent use and reliability. One battery charge will allow you to use this camping shower for about 60 minutes.


Kedsum Portable Camping ShowerKedsum Portable Camping Shower

This Kedsum camping shower is very easy to use, simple, but very attractive for hikers and campers. It is very stylish and lightweight. It’s designed to provide you with a comfortable shower after a long day in the wilderness. It provides a consistent and gentle stream that is not too high or too low in pressure. This is why a lot of people prefer this camping shower.

This shower is for those people who have a lot of storage space in their bags or backpacks. The reason for this is that this system doesn’t come with a reservoir or a container. However, it’s pretty lightweight which makes it easier to carry it around.

Usually, people are very skeptical about buying a camping shower that needs a battery in order to work. The reason for this is that you have to charge the batteries frequently. This shouldn’t be much of a problem with Kedsum camping shower because you’ll be getting two batteries with a portable charger. You can use one battery to use the shower for 45 minutes or longer. Using two batteries at the same time will make it last up to 2 hours. You can also charge the batteries with a USB cable on your laptop or in your car.

All in all, this is a simple hose and pump device. You can put it in a river, lake, or a bucket, and you will have a steady stream of water above your head. You will also be enjoying clean water, no matter the water source, thanks to the quick-rinse filter.


NEMO Helio Portable Pressure ShowerNEMO Helio Portable Pressure Shower

This NEMO camping shower includes a flexible hose, a water tank, a spray head, and other necessary features to make your showering experience in the wild safe and comfortable. This system is probably one of the best solutions for an outdoor shower, considering all the features it has. It has a presentable and sleek design that makes it lightweight and compact.

This is a hands-free shower with the ability to control the water pressure with a foot pump. Increase the pressure for a stronger flow or let up to make the water last longer. The hook lets you hang the shower head, or you can hold it for fast rinse offs.

It’s also a solar model, so you won’t need to worry about charging batteries. Simply fill it up and leave it out in the sun for a couple hours. The water will heat up and stay hot even overnight for your morning shower.


Acetek Portable Camping Shower

This Acetek is a lot more than an ordinary portable camping shower. Besides being very easy to use and super lightweight, you won’t have to worry about water safety when you go on an adventure deep into the woods. If you’re visiting places that are known for having water sources infested with algae, protozoa, bacteria, and debris, the filtering system included in this model will keep you protected.

This camping shower is definitely reliable and convenient. It has an S-hook that will allow you hang it up and use both of your hands freely while showering. You won’t have to plug the system into a power source while you’re showering as there’s a rechargeable battery included. All you have to do when your battery is dead is to connect it through a USB port to your phone charger, laptop, or your car.

The battery has 220 mAh, which is enough to provide you with a consistent water flow for about an hour between full charges. That can last a family of 5 the whole weekend!


OUTAD Portable Camping ShowerOUTAD Portable Camping Shower

Portability is one of the most important features when it comes to buying a camping shower. Without a doubt, this OUTAD model is one of the most portable options available at the moment. This is mainly due to its light weight and compact build.

This product is suited and designed for people who are usually traveling by car but don’t have enough space to store large devices. It’s important to mention here is that if you transport this with your car, you will always have an available charging mechanism.

It’s pretty compact when you’re not using it and the whole system weighs around 1 pound. This is why this camping shower is very easy to move around when you’re hunting, hiking, or camping. It’s also very easy to store it when you don’t need it. It takes up a very small space and you can put it almost anywhere.

Operating the system is a piece of cake as it has a hassle-free pumping mechanism. This is why this item is ideal for camping and you can use it with a stream, bucket, sink, tub, or any other water source. This shower consumes very little power and has inline water resistance for safety and durability. It also includes an S-hook and a suction cup for easy hanging and positioning.


Coleman 5 Gallon PVC Camp ShowerColeman 5 Gallon PVC Camp Shower

This Coleman showering system is a bit cheaper than others on this list, but it still provides amazing convenience and comfort. To be more specific, this shower kit is probably one of the most affordable options at the moment. It’s very easy to use and it’s a good choice for people who are still skeptical about buying a camping shower. Also, it’s a no-risk model if you’re on a small budget but you want to try out something like this.

This showering system has gained a lot of popularity in the United States but also in the whole world. This is due to the fact that this system is cheaper and less demanding but still provides warm water that you can enjoy in the wilderness like you’re at home. The Coleman Camp Shower absorbs heat from the sunlight to produce hot water in a matter of hours. It also retains heat so that you can use it when the sun goes down or hasn’t quite warmed the air temperature for the day yet.

When full, the water reservoir holds up to 5 gallons of water. This is a decent capacity and will provide you with at least two few refreshing showers at a time. The on/off switch helps you conserve water.

It has a handle for easy transport and. On and off valve only adds to the convenience of this showering system.