The 15 Best Polarized Sunglasses

You might think that sunglasses are only useful in summer, but, as a matter of fact, you can probably benefit from a pair of good polarized sunglasses in winter as well. If you frequently drive on snow-covered roads, polarized lenses will reduce the glare produced by the snow surface as it is hit by the light. This will maximize your comfort while driving, and it also contributes to safety on the road, which is extremely important.

If you live in a climate with lots of warm, sunny days, polarized sunglasses are a must-have because they will protect your eyes from excessive light. In addition, they will also prevent glare from temporarily worsening your vision. Glare happens when the light is bounced off reflective surfaces such as water, glass, or even the finish of your car, so it does occur in the summer and spring as well as in winter. Wearing a pair of good polarized sunglasses will minimize your risk of being in an accident because of glare, spare your eyes from the bright summer sun, and (last but not least) be an essential part of your style. Here are the 15 best polarized sunglasses.

Ray-Ban 3025 Aviator Polarized SunglassesRay-Ban 3025 Aviator Polarized Sunglasses

Ray-Ban is a well-known brand that has become extremely popular in the last decade or so. The Ray-Ban Aviator is an iconic model, and you’ve probably already seen someone wearing them at least once. The Aviator sunglasses have excellent polarized lenses that won’t let glare trick your vision. They are also great at reproducing colors without any distortions, so you’ll experience the world as it is, without any “filters” added for you by the sunglass manufacturers whether you wanted them or not.

The metal frame used in the Aviator model is not only sturdy and durable, but also very stylish. Make sure you try on a pair of these Ray-Ban sunglasses before you buy them because these sunglasses are quite large and may look too big and awkward on people with small, narrow faces.


OAKLEY Half Jacket 2.0 Polarized SunglassesOAKLEY Half Jacket 2.0 Polarized Sunglasses

These sunglasses may not look as stylish and cool as our previous entry, but don’t let that fool you; they’re still going to look great once you put them on. The Half Jacket 2.0 is a new incarnation of a very popular model, and the new lenses are amazing. In addition to being polarized, they also offer impressive UV protection, which could come in very handy if you spend a lot of time outdoors in summer. The lenses of the Half Jacket wrap around your eyes a little, creating that signature look and offering extra protection from the sides. This is a bold design move that may not appeal to everybody but does add a lot to how comfortable you feel wearing the sunglasses. Feel free to wear them as sunglasses for running.


Maui Jim Ho'okipa 407 Polarized SunglassesMaui Jim Ho’okipa 407 Polarized Sunglasses

If you’re ready to sport some cool blue lenses, the Maui Jim Ho’okipa 407 sunglasses might just be the model for you. Their Hawaii blue lenses not only look awesome but also provide an outstanding level of protection for your eyes. Made with the Polarized Plus2 technology, the lenses are extremely good at wiping out the glare before it has a chance to reach your eyes, and they offer UV protection as well.

The sunglasses themselves are very sturdy, built to survive accidental falls and other kinds of impacts. The same is true for the lenses, which are shatter and scratch-resistant. All of this makes the Ho’okipa 407 sunglasses a great option for people who spend a lot of time outdoors. By the way, there is a more conventionally looking version of these sunglasses with brown lenses if you don’t feel like going for the blue ones.


Flying Fisherman San Jose Polarized SunglassesFlying Fisherman San Jose Polarized Sunglasses

So far we’ve seen some great polarized sunglasses models, but admittedly, all of them were quite pricey. What if you don’t want to spend that much on a pair of sunglasses but still need quality anti-glare protection for your eyes? The Flying Fisherman San Jose sunglasses happen to provide just that in a lightweight, quite stylish package.

The lenses are shatterproof and are of a truly amazing quality even without considering their price. Once you take into account the price tag on the San Jose sunglasses, you begin to realize that these sunglasses under $50 are a steal! Of course, there’s also a minor tradeoff: the frame is unfortunately not very sturdy. Still, it can take all the normal daily wear and tear, and if you get a good case for storing and transporting your new Flying Fishermans, there’s no reason why they wouldn’t be able to serve you for years.


Ray-Ban Hexagonal Polarized SunglassesRay-Ban Hexagonal Polarized Sunglasses

While our previous picks can be regarded as unisex models, they do tend to be a better fit for male faces. The Ray-Ban Hexagonal model is truly unisex and fits most kinds of faces surprisingly well. Naturally, the sunglasses come with high-quality polarized lenses that also offer UV protection. To spice things up in terms of style, the Hexagonal model is available in three different frame colors and a multitude of lens colors. However, most lenses available for selection are not polarized, so make sure you go for “polar green” or “polar brown” when choosing your pair.

The frame used for these sunglasses is very thin and lightweight, so you’ll be able to wear them for hours without experiencing any discomfort. Despite that, it doesn’t feel fragile at all, and we’re sure it can take a fair amount of daily wear and tear before it ends up being damaged.

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GUCCI GG0381S Black Polarized SunglassesGUCCI GG0381S Black Polarized Sunglasses

Those who are ready to splurge a little more cash on their new polarized sunglasses may want to take a closer look at this stylish model from GUCCI. Since massive frames are still very much in fashion, it comes as no surprise that the black frame used for these sunglasses looks pretty bulky. Admittedly, this is not the kind of frame that fits everyone equally well, but these sunglasses are definitely going to look great on you if you have the face for them.

These Gucci sunglasses are equipped with high-quality gray polarized lenses that offer excellent clarity and, of course, take care of any reflections and glares that would otherwise have reached your eyes. This model feels very sturdy and can probably withstand a lot of impacts before it gets damaged. It also comes with a hard case and a compact pouch for storing and traveling, so you should be able to wear these sunglasses for years (and possibly decades) to come as long as you take care of them properly.


Ray-Ban RB4175 Clubmaster OverSized Polarized SunglassesRay-Ban RB4175 Clubmaster OverSized Polarized Sunglasses

If you’re looking for a good pair of female polarized sunglasses by a trusted sunglasses brand, the Ray-Ban Clubmaster OverSized model is definitely worth checking out. The polarized lenses for this model are available in three colors (gray, brown, and green), and they all come with slightly different frames to offer more personalized looks. We found the model with the green lenses to be the coolest one, but that’s obviously a subjective thing, and you may like the other ones better.

All three kinds of lenses offer both UV and anti-glare protection, which is particularly important if you live in a warm climate with lots of sunshine. Bear in mind that the lenses used in these sunglasses are actually made from glass, so you need to be reasonably careful with them.


Sunski Makani Tortoise Frame Polarized SunglassesSunski Makani Tortoise Frame Polarized Sunglasses

If you couldn’t help but feel like you need something more exotic and fun while looking at our previous picks, you’re going to love these sunglasses from Sunski. Available in three stunning color options, these sunglasses are going to be a very significant addition to your summer style. Just looking at them will likely make you want to pack your bags and go on a vacation to an ocean paradise.

Of course, Sunski did not sacrifice the quality of the lenses to focus on the design aspects, so you don’t need to worry about getting subpar optics. The polarized lenses used in the Makani model provide both anti-glare and UV protection to make sure that your eyes are safe and comfortable even in the brightest sunlight. The circular shape of the lenses makes these sunglasses look fun and relaxed, which is a welcome contrast to our often too-hectic daily lives.

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Persol 649 Square Polarized SunglassesPersol 649 Square Polarized Sunglasses

Those who enjoy being surrounded by classy things are likely going to appreciate the fact that the Persol 649 model was created way back in 1957. Now, over 60 years later, they are still quite popular and considered iconic by many fashion experts, which shows just how well they were able to stand the test of time. They even got featured in the classic movie called “Divorce, Italian Style,” so you’d be wearing sunglasses that made it to the big screen!

It goes without saying that we wouldn’t include these sunglasses into our list if they didn’t have excellent lenses perfect for daily use, but also suitable for sports and outdoor activities. Don’t be skeptical about the frame’s unusual shape; it may look uncomfortable, but it actually uses the proprietary “Meflecto” technology to achieve maximum flexibility and comfort.


Under Armour Core 2.0 Polarized SunglassesUnder Armour Core 2.0 Polarized Sunglasses

If you prefer to spend your weekends and vacations outdoors, exploring nature, doing sports, or just relaxing, you would really benefit from adding these Under Armour sunglasses to your outdoor gear. The wraparound design allows them to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays better, creating a safer and more comfortable environment for them.

Since the glasses are polarized, you can expect them to prevent any kind of glare from reaching your eyes. This is bound to be very useful for water-based sports where the light is constantly reflected from the water’s surface, threatening to cause a glare and temporarily affect your vision. With these camping and hiking sunglasses, you’ll have a clear perception of what’s going on around you at all times, which is crucial to making the right decisions based on your environment.

Both the frame and the lenses are made from durable plastic, so they can easily take some physical impacts and not get damaged or misshapen. You’re probably not going to wear these sunglasses as part of your daily outfit, but if you’re into outdoor sports, camping, or hiking, they would likely turn out to be a very valuable piece of equipment for you.


Ray-Ban RB2132 NEW WAYFARER Polarized SunglassesRay-Ban RB2132 Wayfarer Polarized Sunglasses

Ray-Ban sunglasses are known for their excellent quality and impeccably stylish designs, and the Wayfarer is no exception. Designed to be worn by both men and women, these sunglasses are extremely versatile and look great on most face types. If you like having the ability to customize your accessories, this model is going to be right up your alley, as you can choose from about a dozen polarized lenses to find the colors that truly match your personal style.

The UV protection provided by the Wayfarer is simply outstanding, especially once you take a look at the price tag. You’re not going to be blinded by any annoying glares while wearing these sunglasses, and the crisp, vibrant colors of the world around you didn’t have to be sacrificed to achieve that. The frame is made from acetate plastic, a very lightweight material that’s surprisingly sturdy. This allows the Wayfarer to sit snugly on your nose for hours without causing any pain or discomfort and be able to survive a major fall or an unfortunate encounter with your keys.


Costa Del Mar Saltbreak Polarized SunglassesCosta Del Mar Saltbreak Polarized Sunglasses

For our last entry, we wanted to pick a sunglasses model that would appeal to many people, allowing everyone to find something they like, even if they got to the end of this review without being particularly impressed by any product. We decided that the Costa Del Mar Saltbreak sunglasses are an ideal fit for the last spot on our list, as they are very customizable, made from high-quality materials, and quite affordable.

Costa Del Mar is known for producing great seafaring sunglasses, so we’d recommend this model to anyone who’s into fishing or water-based sports, but they also work great for casual daily use or just about any kind of outdoor activities. The rubber patches in the nose and temple areas of the frame ensure a good fit and allow these sunglasses to be worn for a very long time without any signs of discomfort. Finally, the range of available color and frame design options make this model suitable for many people’s tastes and preferences without them having to compromise on certain visual aspects.


DUCO Kids Sports Style Polarized SunglassesDUCO Kids Sports Style Polarized Sunglasses

There are so many polarized sunglasses models for adults that we were utterly surprised to discover the opposite when it came to polarized sunglasses for kids. This model made by DUCO is easily one of the best options you have when buying polarized sunglasses for your child, and it seems like it doesn’t really have a lot of competition. The lenses used in these sunglasses are of reasonably good quality and provide good UV and anti-glare protection.

The frame is made of a rubber-like material that can be bent and twisted a lot without losing its shape. To keep up with that, the lenses are made from super durable plastic that resists scratches and cracks incredibly well. All in all, these DUCO kids polarized sunglasses under $100 offer a lot of bang for your buck, especially when you remember that they only cost a small fraction of what most other products on this list do.


Oakley Women's Unstoppable Polarized SunglassesOakley Women’s Unstoppable Polarized Sunglasses

Here’s a model of polarized sunglasses that was specifically designed for women and looks great on just about any face. Both the frame and the lens are made from plastic, which ensures durability and sturdiness. This also allows the sunglasses to be very light, something you are really going to appreciate once you’ve worn them for several hours.

Of course, using plastic lenses always means sacrificing some degree of visual quality as compared to glass ones, but Oakley lenses are so well-made that the difference mostly ends up being negligible. The frame has some touches of rubber placed strategically around it so that the sunglasses don’t go slipping down your nose once your face gets covered in sweat. This is particularly going to appeal to athletes and people who live in hot climates, but it is a useful feature for just about any scenario. As a bonus, the Unstoppables come with a case, so you don’t need to invest more money into protective storage for your new sunglasses.


Bolle Women's Greta Polarized SunglassesBolle Women’s Greta Polarized Sunglasses

Polarized sunglasses are often associated with sports and outdoor activities, but they can also be worn while you’re driving, cycling, or just going for a walk. Women who only use polarized sunglasses for those purposes are definitely going to prefer models that are more feminine rather than durable and functional. The Bolle Greta sunglasses are a great example of how stylish female polarized sunglasses can be while still offering reliable eye protection and considerable durability. They use premium polycarbonate lenses that are much lighter and sturdier than glass ones.

The frame is made of nylon, which may be a slightly unusual material for sunglasses frames, but it works very well. The nylon frame manages to be flexible and lightweight while also being able to tolerate a lot of impact without becoming damaged or misshapen. In addition, the price tag on these sunglasses is very reasonable, making them one of the best polarized sunglasses models for women.