The 100 Best Owl Tattoos for Men

An owl tattoo usually isn’t the first thing mentioned when talking about animal-inspired tattoo designs for men. This is because men often go for designs with lion tattoos and tiger tattoos. But if done right, an owl tattoo can be as badass as other more masculine animal-based tattoos.

Unlike lion tattoos which portray power and strength, owl tattoos are more cerebral, so to speak. Traditionally, owl tattoos symbolize knowledge and intelligence. This symbolism stems from Greek mythology in which Athena, the goddess of wisdom, is often associated with owls. Many paintings and statues commonly depict Athena with an owl.

Even in animated visual works, an owl usually represents a wise and intelligent character. A great example would be Owl from Winnie the Pooh, who acts as the wise elder that guides the other characters. For those who take pride in having a wealth of knowledge and consider themselves wise, an owl tattoo is a perfect design. No other animal-based tattoo design is a more suitable representative for wisdom, knowledge, and intelligence. Dolphin lovers might argue, though, considering dolphins are one of the most intelligent animals on earth.

Owls are often regarded as mysterious animals. This is because they are nocturnal animals who typically operate during nighttime. Humans seldom see them in their natural habitat, and perhaps the most reliable way to see them up-close while awake is to go to a zoo or an aviary. This is why owl tattoos also symbolize mystery, perfect for those who prefer to keep to themselves.

Due to their large, round eyes and their ability to see in total darkness, owls can also represent vision. Or, more poetically, an ability to focus on goals even during dark times. Not everyone comes with an unwavering focus. So if this description fits you, then an owl tattoo would be perfect for you.

Like other tattoos based on birds, owl tattoos also represent freedom. This makes them a great alternative if you find eagle tattoos too bold. If you want to get an owl tattoo in order to symbolize freedom, make sure the design depicts the owl with its wings spread wide open. An owl with its wings folded doesn’t really scream “freedom.”

In some places, owls are seen differently. For example, they are sometimes associated with witchcraft because people in the past once thought witches could shape-shift into owls. Some superstitions also depict owls as an omen or sign of death, which is why owls are sometimes used in horror films to give off an eerie vibe. There’s something about an owl’s hooting that makes it creepy. It’s like something is watching you in the darkness.

Owl tattoos are open to customization. You can have them in solid black-and-gray or in a colorful watercolor style. You can also complement them with different designs like a compass, a clock, or even a book. As for the location, well, it depends on the design that you go for. For an owl tattoo with folded wings, the biceps, legs, ribs, and forearms make excellent canvases. For an owl tattoo with open wings, the back and chest areas are recommended.

Here are the best owl tattoos for men.

stylized owl tattoo for men's forearms stylized spread wing owl tattoo for men's forearms totem owl on branch men's inner arm tattoo tribal owl tattoo for men's arms watercolor owl tattoo for men's forearms colored owl bust tatoo for men's arms cocked head owl tattoo for men's forearms classy owl in jacket and top hat men's arm tatoo celtic design owl tattoo for men's forearms abstract owl tattoo design for men colorful owl men's forearm tattoo colorful owl men's neck tattoo colorful spread-wing owl men's chest tattoo cute owl men's forearm tattoo decorative owl design tattoo for men's legs flying owl carrying heart men's chest tattoo flying owl and sun tattoo for men's arms dreamcatcher owl tattoo for men detailed owl face tattoo for men dreamcatcher men's owl leg tattoo flying owl men's chest tattoo flying owl men's forearm tattoo flying owl tattoo for men's chests flying owl with clock and roses men's chest tattoo framed owl men's back tattoofull colored owl tattoo for men's arms full forearm owl tattoo for men fully colored owl and rose men's chest tattoo geometric owl tattoo for men's arm gothic owl arm tattoo for men jeweled owl tattoo for men's arms jeweled owl design men's arm tattoo intimidating owl tattoo for men's forearms interesting owl tattoo for men's legs interesting owl design tattoo for men's arms large owl face men's arm tattoo large owl face men's chest tattoo large owl men's back tattoo large owl with spread wings chest tatoo for men men's colorful owl neck tattoo men's flying owl chest tattoo men's owl and moon back tattoo metallic owl design tatoo for men's arms owl against green backdrop men's tattoo owl against moonlight men's halfsleeve tattoo owl and roses arm tattoo for men owl and rose tattoo for men's arm owl and feathers men's inner arm tattoo owl and fall leaves tattoo for men's arms owl and eye leg men's leg tattooowl and skull abdomen tattoo for men owl and skull leg tattoo for men owl and stylized skull men's arm tattoo owl and sugar skull forearm tattoo for men owl and wolf men's leg tattoos owl face neck tattoo for men owl face men's shin tattoo owl face men's knee tattoo owl face above pine trees men's lower arm tattoo owl face above forest tattoo for men's inner arms owl face tattoo for men's hands owl memorial tattoo for men's shoulder owl nestled around flower men's arm tattoo owl on brach tattoo for men's forearms owl on brach with moon men's arm tattoo owl taking off for flight men's chest tattoo owl sitting on skull in grass men's rib tattoo owl perched on clock men's shin tattoo owl over mountainscape men's arm tattoo owl on compass men's leg tattooowl tattoo for men with floral motif owl tattoo for men with leaves and melting moon owl totem tattoo for men's inner arm owl tattoo for men's upper legs owl watching man tattoo for men's chest owl with heart men's arm tattoo owl with fall leaves men's shin tattoo owl with eye and roses men's back tattoo owl with day of the dead skull forearm tattoo for men owl with branches men's arm tattoo owl with key and lock men's inner arm tattoo owl with lock design men's arm tattoo owl with monocle, pipe, and top hat tattoo for men's arms owl with pocketwatch tattoo for men's arms owl with skull and key men's arm tatoo realistic owl men's chest tattoo realistic men's owl tattoo on calf owl with top hat sitting on moon men's arm tattoo owl with talons in skull men's chest tattoo owl with skull men's torso tattoo realistic owl tattoo on man's neck robotic clock gear owl men's arm tattoo robotic owl on branch tattoo for men runic flying owl men's chest tatoo screeching owl men's arm tattoosmall owl tattoo for mens' chests small owl tattoo for men's wrists spread wing owl and skull tattoo for men's chests spread wing owl men's abdomen tattoo spread wing owl with roses men's chest tattoo