The 10 Best Online Hobby Stores

Hobby stores specialize in everything from classic model vehicles and remote-control cars to drones, building blocks, toys, and crafts. In recent years, they have also expanded into 3D printing.

As any serious hobbyist knows, finding the right store that stocks the kind of goods you are looking for can be difficult. There are a lot of websites that stock general goods or surface-level offerings for new enthusiasts. but very few of them have the expertise and knowledge required to really help those who with a deep passion the hobby.

That’s why we’re presenting these 10 sites as some of the best hobby websites on the internet, both for newcomers and afficionados.

Internet HobbiesInternet Hobbies

There are few hobby stores on the internet that have been around as long as Internet Hobbies. The online store was opened in 1995 and is still going strong to this day.

Its website design carries a nostalgic feel to it, and the site specializes in model vehicles and has a wide range of different models available. They also have a few other sections on their site and offer some excellent prices and sales.

The company moved to Pennsylvania in 2015 and expanded the business by opening up an outlet store out there. If you are in the area, then this is well worth a visit. If not, don’t worry, because they offer very flexible and friendly delivery prices on all of their goods.

The owners of the site are also huge enthusiasts for their hobby, and their skills and knowledge ensure that you are guaranteed to receive high-quality service. They also have a blog, which they update weekly. On their blog, they discuss new items and share their honest experiences using them.



HLJ, or Hobby Link Japan, claims to be the biggest hobby, toy and figure store in the world, and when you take a look at the collection of items they have available, it’s definitely a valid claim.

The site boasts a huge array of collections for all sorts of different hobbies. They have a huge scale model collection and also have one of the biggest anime and science fiction collections available anywhere on the web. They also specialize in Japanese models, which helps set them apart from the rest of the pack.

They ship all of their items out of Japan, but they have very reasonable shipping rates, and the longest an item will take to reach you is 30 days. There are other options which are, of course, much quicker.

They also understand the people who are into their hobbies and have a huge social media presence, as well as their own community page where they share videos and blogs and allow you to get into contact with like-minded hobbyists. They also regularly share some anime videos for those who are interested in those.

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Tower HobbiesTower Hobbies

Tower Hobbies is one of the oldest and most reliable hobby sites on the internet. Specializing in scale models, Tower Hobbies has existed in one form or another since 1971, and their years of expertise shine through. They even have a help section that is designed to help you if you are new to the hobby and you have any questions you need answered.

They also offer a wide range of subscription services to various different magazines, as well as having various email services that you can subscribe to. If you a regular customer with the site, you should definitely consider signing up for some of their customer loyalty services so that you can get a discount. You are also likely to be the first to hear about any new promotions or offers that they have available as well.

They have a huge selection of models available on their site, and they also ship internationally, meaning that you can get your hands on whatever you are after, wherever you are in the world.

They also have some of the most competitive prices in the industry and have an outlet store, where you can get a hold of your items very inexpensively; this feature which is easily accessible from their homepage menu.

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Mega HobbyMega Hobby

Mega Hobby is another site that has been doing the rounds for quite some time now. First conceived in 1999, the site started its life as just a models website but has since expanded and now also sells toys, puzzles, and various other fun little bits and pieces.

The core of the site is still models though, and their collection is enough to rival anybody else’s on the web. They also boast an excellent paint selection and regularly hold impressive sales.

If you are new to the scale models world, Mega Hobby also has a useful collection of how-to videos available on their website, which is designed to help new customers get accustomed to things. On top of that, they have a great blog where they share their newest experiences and tips with their customers.

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Horizon HobbyHorizon Hobby

Horizon Hobby is one of the best RC-based websites on the internet. They have a huge selection of remote-control figures as well as various other scale models.

They offer some of the best value when it comes to this hobby, and they also have a regular number of sales and discounts available, especially for returning customers.

The Horizon RC Club allows customers to become members of the site and receive all of the benefits that come with it. This includes deals as well as points that can be redeemed for goods. They also host a number of events throughout the year, which can be an excellent chance to network with other RC enthusiasts.

Like a lot of the best hobby sites, Horizon Hobby also offers excellent customer support for newcomers. They also ship internationally for very reasonable prices.

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Wonderland ModelsWonderland Models

Wonderland Models is the UK’s top online model store. Fear not though, they also ship abroad, meaning that you can enjoy the best that the UK model scene has to offer from wherever you are on the planet.

The shop has an impressive array of different scale models, as well as an extensive RC collection and a wide range of figures.

What helps Wonderland Models stand out from the rest of the pack is the variety of items they have for sale. They also stock huge brands like LEGO and Scalextric, and you can often find excellent deals available on these items as well.

Wonderland Models is also leading the way when it comes to selling drone technology and offers a wide selection of the latest and the best items in this category. They also supply a lot of technical support if the world of drones is something that is new to you.

For seasoned enthusiasts, they also have several blogs based around specific niches within the field, which can provide you with an excellent opportunity to meet some fellow enthusiasts.

If all of that wasn’t enough, they also offer some of the best prices on the internet as well as some very reasonable rates when it comes to shipping internationally.

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Hobby KingHobby King

Hobby King is truly a website that lives up to its royal moniker. The site boasts one of the most impressive and diverse collections of models and toys on the entire internet and it is all brought together on an easily accessible and aesthetically pleasing website.

Hobby King’s specialty may be RC vehicles, but there is guaranteed to be something on their site to please everyone in the scale models world. They have the latest and the best RC goods available as well as having a section extensively dedicated to drones and their accessories.

They also have a regular cyber sale, meaning you can get the latest and the best models all at a discounted price. On top of that, inside that sale, they have a bargain bin that features items as low as $1.

They also offer a discount service for those who allow them to contact them through Messenger, and they regularly let you know about all of the latest discounts that they have available.

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RC PlanetRC Planet

When it comes to remote control vehicles, there are few websites in the industry that offer quite the range that RC Planet does.

The site is dedicated to all things remote control, and their collection of items from reputable brands is quite astounding. On top of selling a wide range of vehicles and figures, they are also very well-stocked when it comes to accessories for your vehicle as well.

Their radio-controlled section is also one of the most extensive in the industry, and they also have a weekly sale. We recommend signing up for their newsletters so that you can keep up to date with all of their sales, as most of them tend to come and go very quickly.

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Hobby TownHobby Town

Hobby Town is your one-stop-shop for anything model or toy-related. The store is one of the leading names in the model industry and has a collection of stores spread all over the United States.

Their online sites are also ridiculously well-stocked. They sell big names brands like Scalextric, LEGO, Barbie, Hot Wheels, and many others as well as stocking a range of toys, figures, and merchandise from mega franchises like Disney, Star Wars, and Harry Potter.

Their model vehicle and remote-control sections are also incredibly in-depth and feature the latest and the best from both industries. On top of that, they also have detailed sections of new hobbies like 3D printing and drones. These features really help put them above the competition. While they do have stores around the US, they also offer excellent delivery prices and are willing to ship internationally.

As one of the leading companies in the industry, they also boast a wide array of extra resources on the site. They have an excellent blog that will keep enthusiasts up to date with all of the latest happenings in the model world, and they also have excellent how-to videos and customer support for those who are new to the hobby.


Modelbau LindingerModelbau Lindinger

It’s not just the United States that has excellent hobby stores; there are plenty available in Europe as well.

One of the best European hobby stores is Modelbau Lindinger, which is based in Kremstal, Austria. The site is available in multiple languages, including English, and the company ships internationally for excellent prices.

Their site sells remote-control vehicles as well as model vehicles, and they offer goods from reputable brands like Multiplex, Futaba, and Robbie Model Sport.

What helps this store stand out from the rest on the list is that they are likely to offer items that are not as easily accessible in North America. They also offer one of the best collections of drones and air-based remote-control figures on the internet, and all of them at a very reasonable price.