The 80 Best Hobbies for Men

Need a new hobby? We got you covered, man. Being well-rounded is key to a fulfilled life. Here are the top 80 manly hobbies that you can take up.




1. ArcheryArchery

Archery is a relatively inexpensive hobby. All you need is to find an archery range and you’re good to go – archery ranges typically have equipment for rent.

You can get an instructor to teach you how to operate a bow and an arrow. Archery improves your mental concentration, upper body balance and strength, and hand-eye coordination.

2. AstronomyAstronomy stars

Take up astronomy and learn all about stars, comets, galaxies, and other celestial objects. You don’t need to go back to school and become a professional astronomer. It’s perfectly fine being an amateur astronomer equipped with nothing but a telescope.

You can also build your own astronomy equipment from scratch, which is a common practice among amateur astronomers.

3. Bakingbaking hobby

Stop relying on your grandmother for baked products. Get your own oven and learn how to bake cookies and cakes. Baking requires you to follow instructions and measurements down to the last detail, improving your skill in paying attention to small details.

Next time you visit your grandmother, surprise her by giving her a box of cookies. Just make sure they’re chewable enough.

4. Beer Brewingbeer brewing

Tired of drinking the same old beer? Take up beer brewing and create your own perfect beer.

Beer brewing involves chemistry and requires courage to taste all your creations even if they don’t really look drinkable. It also takes a lot of patience since you can’t really come up with the perfect beer overnight.

5. Bowlingbowling pins and ball

Bowling is a great hobby to take up, especially if you can coax a few friends or family members to join you on a regular basis. The indoor sport improves your balance and flexibility. And obviously, you also strengthen your muscles – specifically, muscles in your arms and wrists. Because last checked, bowling bowls are quite heavy.

6. Boxingboxing sport

Boxing not only helps you stay fit, it also gives you a means of self-defense. Unknown to some people, boxing is actually a full-body workout routine, with both cardio and resistance training involved.

You don’t necessarily need to join a boxing club. You can simply go DIY and buy a punching bag and a pair of gloves for home use. But of course, having a real instructor helps.

7. Calligraphycaligraphy writing

With the digital age now in full swing, good penmanship is now becoming less and less appreciated. But don’t let that deter you from picking up calligraphy as a hobby.

Calligraphy is still being applied in a lot of areas, including event invitations, logo design, and graphic design. Take up calligraphy and surprise your date by flashing a gorgeous signature when you sign the dinner bill.

8. Campingcamping hobby for men

Camping is the best way to explore nature. It allows you to get away from the chaos in the city and gives you the peaceful environment you desperately need to relax and recharge.

However, in order to fully enjoy camping, you need to have the right equipment. You can’t just go camping with a sleeping bag meant for home use. Take the time to shop for quality camping equipment such as tents, camping pillows and water filters,  especially if you plan to go on extended camping trips.

9. Carpentrycarpentry tools

Hiring a carpenter can be expensive. Take up carpentry and learn how to install woodworks like cabinets and closets in your house. But be prepared to invest a few years studying and practicing the craft.

Carpentry is really useful if you’re a family man. You can create a treehouse for your kids to play in during summers, giving you more free time to spend on other hobbies and interests.

10. Cassette Tape/Vinyl Collectingcassette tape collecting

Collecting cassette tapes and vinyl is a great hobby for those who are passionate about music. Think of cassette tapes and vinyl as historical items similar to vintage paintings.

There are shops that sell cassette tapes and vinyl. But if you want to spend less, look for them in garage sales in your neighborhood. Of course, you need a cassette deck and a vinyl record player to enjoy your collection – assuming they’re still working.

11. Chess

chess game mental hobby

Chess is the perfect hobby for those who prefer cerebral activities instead of physical activities. It’s a game that improves your strategic skills, memory, mental concentration, decision-making skills, and logical thinking. Unlike many other sports, a round of chess only takes a short amount of time. And don’t worry about not having anyone to play with. You can easily find people willing to play chess in parks.

12. Cigar Smoking

If you’re looking for a rather fancy hobby, you can take up cigar smoking. It involves tasting different brands of cigars. It’s very similar to wine or spirits tasting. But it’s the less expensive hobby compared to those two. In this hobby, you need to learn about the finer points of cigars. You need to know what you’re supposed to look for when smoking one.

13. Classic Automotive Restoration

classic cars

For motor vehicle enthusiasts, nothing is more fulfilling than restoring broken down classic cars and motorcycles. The process requires a lot of patience and commitment. Obviously, it helps if you already have experience tinkering with cars and motorcycles.

You can earn a decent amount of money restoring classic cars and motorcycles, making it an excellent hobby for those who want to earn a little extra on the side.

14. Computer Programming

computer programming

Computer programming is like math but more fun. Anyone can take up programming. You can enroll in online courses to learn about the craft or go DIY and buy programming books for newbies. Computer programming opens you to a lot of possibilities. If your day job involves a lot of data processing, you can develop a program that can make your job easier.

15. Cooking

cooking supplies

Cooking is essential in life. It will allow you to feed yourself or your family for less cost. But cooking is more than just throwing ingredients into a pot and hoping the result is edible enough. You need to know all about your ingredients.

But the good thing about cooking is that, unlike in baking, you don’t need to follow measurements down to the last digit. In most recipes, you can adjust on-the-fly.

16. Currency Collecting

currency collecting

People who travel around the world a lot often pick up this hobby without even really thinking about it. Currency collecting is a pretty straightforward hobby. You can collect either old currency from your country or modern currency from different countries.

There are different ways to grow your currency collection. Perhaps the most convenient way is to look for online sellers. But make sure you’re not being scammed.

17. Cycling


Cycling is one of the healthiest hobbies that you can take up. With cycling, you can improve your muscle strength, stamina, and posture. It’s one of the most enjoyable forms of exercise. Rolling with a bike also introduces you to places you wouldn’t otherwise discover while riding in a car or public transportation. And obviously, biking is a lot more environment-friendly.

18. Dancing

dancing hobby

Dancing may seem like a hobby for women. But men can also take up the hobby and still look manly at the same time. Dancing will not only improve your balance and make you more nimble, it will also make you more attractive. There are different dance styles you can learn, including street dance and ballroom dance.

19. Darts

dart board

If you regularly go to bars, there’s a good chance you had the pleasure of playing darts before. Playing darts is a good alternative if you don’t want the Hawkeye and Legolas route.

Like with archery, playing darts improves mental concentration, hand-eye coordination, and self-control. If you’re not really up for socializing, you can buy your own dartboard and set it up in your room. But we recommend going to bars and playing with strangers.

20. Dog Training

german shephered dog training

Dog training is a genuinely rewarding hobby. Some of the benefits of this hobby include a better understanding of your dog and more places for your dog to go to. If you already have a well-trained dog, you can consider training other people’s dogs. You can even volunteer at dog shelters and train the dogs there.

21. Drawing/Painting

man drawing and painting hearts

Want to express your thoughts and feelings in a very artful way? Take up drawing or painting and learn how to turn a blank canvas into an emotionally charged image. Drawing or painting improves your memory and creativity and gives you a medium where you can channel all your confined emotions, giving you a more peaceful mind.

22. Fantasy Sports

sports watching stadium

Not everyone is willing to go physical and dive into real sports. If you still want to get involved in sports without actually playing, check out fantasy sports. In fantasy sports, you get to crunch numbers and stats and predict how teams and players will perform. Fantasy sports is quite popular these days, with dozens of reputable fantasy sports websites available on the internet.

23. Fencing

fencing fight

Fencing is really cool to watch. It’s a lot more graceful than swordfights seen in medieval fantasy movies, with more finesse and definitely more class. Fencing improves your agility, flexibility, balance, and ability to make quick decisions. It also helps strengthen your arms, legs, and core.

The only downside to this hobby is that you have to wear those ugly uniforms that make you look like a Putty Patroller from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

24. Fishing

man alone fishing

If you live near a river or lake or the sea, then you should definitely take up fishing. It’s one of the least expensive ways to acquire food. But fishing isn’t just about hurling your fishing rod to a body of water and hoping something gets caught. In order to fish effectively, you need to learn all about fishing rods, hooks, bait, and fish behavior.

25. Fishkeeping

fish keeping in an aquarium

Want to own a pet but don’t have the time and money for a dog or a cat? Try fishkeeping instead. Unlike dogs and cats, fish don’t need too much attention. You just need to keep them adequately fed and the aquarium or garden pond properly maintained. And the best part is that you can leave them alone for days, something you can’t do with dogs or cats.

26. Flying

flying a small plane

No, we’re not talking about going Superman here. We’re talking about flying one-seater or two-seater airplanes. You know, the kind of hobby Harrison Ford is into. Flying isn’t the easiest hobby to pick up. Not to mention, you need a license to fly private planes in the US. But being able to fly a plane on your own is one of the best experiences in life.

27. Gardening

gardening shovel

Yes, men can take up gardening as a hobby as well. In fact, everyone needs to be taught how to grow food in their own backyard. Gardening allows you to spend less money on food and provides you with healthier food options. But if you don’t find growing potatoes and eggplants too appealing, you can always just focus on growing flowers.

28. Geocaching

tools needed for geocaching.

Geocaching is like a sophisticated form of hide-and-seek in which you track down “caches” hidden by other people around the world. You use GPS to locate the caches, which are marked by specific coordinates and typically contain items with little monetary value.

Each cache contains a logbook where you write your name as proof that you found that specific cache. Afterward, you must return the cache exactly where you found it, so other people can find it as well. If you loved treasure hunting when you were a kid, you’re going to love geocaching.

29. Golfing

golfer taking a swing

Golf is an excellent outdoor activity for those who want to stay fit without being too exposed to physical injury. You can burn a good amount of calories just by walking around the golf course at a leisurely pace. You also get to improve your social skills while playing the sport.

Golf is one of the least physically demanding sports, perfect for those who don’t have time to get into shape for more action-packed sports such as basketball or football. The only downside is that golf can be a very expensive hobby.

30. Grilling

charcoal grilling meats

Make grilling a hobby and become the barbeque master during outdoor parties. Grilling is a different art than cooking. It’s more precise and demanding when it comes to the materials and ingredients, from the type of wood used for charcoal to the spices used in the marinade. You can even choose between a propane gas grill, electric, wood pellet or charcoal(there are more, but these are the top choices). But you don’t need a lot of equipment for this hobby. All you need is a good barbecue grill.

31. Hiking

man on a hiking trail

Hiking is another great way to explore nature and get a break from your busy city life. For safety purposes, we recommend hiking with at least one other person, even when hiking in popular trails where there’s a good chance you will run into other people along the way. But before going out, be sure that you have the right gear for the job like a comfortable pair of hiking shoes.

32. Hot Sauce Making

hot sauce in tropics

Hot sauce making is similar to beer brewing. Instead of working to create the perfect beer, you’re working to create the perfect hot sauce, either for personal consumption or for business purposes. Another difference is that in hot sauce making, tasting your creations can be a lot less enjoyable. Of course, you can always coax someone else to try your prototypes.

33. Interior Decorating

interior decorating design. modern contemporary hobby

Interior decorating may not be the most exciting hobby out there. But for those who like to keep their hobbies exclusively indoors, it’s a recommended hobby. Interior decorating allows you see rooms and furniture in a different way and squeezes out the creativity you never knew you had. You can make money out of this hobby by offering your interior decorating skills to other people.

34. Investing/Stock Market

investing in the stock market number

Investing in the stock market is an exciting hobby. Like fantasy sports, it involves a lot of numbers crunching and research. It’s not a hobby you can casually dive into. Before you take up this hobby, make sure you understand the ins and outs. Reward is not a sure thing in this hobby. On some days, you get to cash in handsomely. And on some days, you lose an alarming amount of money.

35. Knife Throwing

knife throwing into wood.

Having a self-defense knife on and is nice. But having a Knife throwing skill is a unique ability similar to archery and darts. The mechanics are basically the same: You hurl a pointed object at a target and hope it lands in the spot you intended. Out of the three activities, knife throwing is arguably the most useful. Knife throwing is also considered a sport in some places, so be on the lookout for competitions in nearby areas.

36. Knitting/Sewing

sewing and knitting supplies.

Don’t laugh – knitting or sewing is perfectly okay for men to take up. Knitting or sewing allows you to spend less money on clothes. With knitting, you can create scarves, sweaters, bonnets, and shawls. With sewing, you can create pretty much anything as long as you have the necessary materials for the kind of clothes you want. Another benefit is that clothes produced through knitting or sewing are more personalized.

37. Learning Foreign Language

books for foreign language learning

Learning a new language is more than just about being able to communicate with locals in foreign countries. Being bilingual makes you smarter and improves your memory, not to mention it makes you a lot more valuable if you work in an international company. If you love to travel, you should definitely learn how to speak in different languages. You can start with languages used in more than one country, such as French, Chinese, and Spanish.

38. Leatherworking

leatherworking tools

Leatherworking is basically the manlier version of knitting and sewing. In this hobby, you get to play around with leather and craft products meant for personal use or commercial use. You can create all kinds of leather products, from wallets to bags to belts. However, starting out can be expensive since you need to buy the tools for the job.

39. Lockpicking

learning lockpicking skill

First off, we’re not encouraging you to become a criminal and pick locks with the intent to steal something. Lockpicking is actually useful in certain emergencies. The craft teaches you how to be more persistent and improves your problem-solving skills. Also, carrying a set of lockpicking tools makes you look cool, though not to the police.

40. Magic

magician releasing a dove

Running out of ideas to entertain friends and family during gatherings? Learn how to perform magic and wow everyone in the room. Doing magic improves your presentation skills, motor skills, and creativity. Performing magic is also a great ice-breaker, perfect for social gatherings where no one wants to speak up first, for whatever reason.

41. Martial Arts

brazilian jiu jitsu martial arts

Martial arts not only provides you with a full-body workout, it also gives you the means to defend yourself in hand-to-hand combat. There are different types of martial arts. There’s taekwondo, judo, and aikido. There’s capoeira, Muay Thai, and karate. Check out martial arts schools in your area and ask what types of martial arts they offer.

42. Meditation/Yoga

meditation and yoga sitting position

Don’t listen to people who say that meditation and yoga are feminine activities. It’s perfectly fine for men to engage in such activities. Both offer a wide range of health benefits, both mental and physical Meditation improves your sense of well-being and gives you a more peaceful state of mind. Yoga improves your balance, flexibility, and body strength.

43. Metalworking

metalworking to create a sword

Much like carpentry and leatherworking, metalworking is a recommended hobby for those who love to build stuff. Metalworking is actually a broad category and includes different types of practices, including blacksmithing and welding.

With blacksmithing, you can finally craft that badass sword you have been dreaming about since you were a kid. Like leatherworking, metalworking requires you to cough up a wad of cash to buy all the equipment and tools necessary for whatever practice you want to pursue.

44. Model Building

model building and painting

If you want a hobby that involves being stuck in your room most of the time, check out model building. Model building is an activity in which you create miniature models of popular architecture, buildings, and different types of vehicles. You can either showcase the models in exhibits or conventions or simply keep them in your room for display.

45. Motorcycling

supermotos on a dirt trail

Motorcycling is one of the most adrenaline-pumping hobbies you can take up. There’s something about driving a two-wheeled machine on an open road that makes you feel free. Motorcycling is a great way to escape from your busy life and get some much-need me time – you’re literally leaving everything behind, albeit only temporarily. Just don’t forget to wear your helmet, gentlemen.

46. Movie Watching

group of people watching a movie at an outdoor theatre

Movie watching is about watching different genres of movies, not just the ones that you like. It’s about stepping out of your comfort zone and watching movies you wouldn’t watch under normal circumstances.

It can also be about watching a movie with the intention of giving it a critical feedback similar to professional movie critics. That said, you can pair this hobby with writing. You can start your own blog and post honest movie reviews there.

47. Origami

origami folding.

Origami is an activity in which you turn a single piece of paper, usually a perfect square paper, into all sort of things, such as animals and vehicles. This hobby improves your attention to details, creativity, sequencing skills, and hand-eye coordination. Origami is an inexpensive hobby. All you need are the origami papers to work with.

48. Paintballing

guy shooting a paintball gun

Are FPS games starting to become dull for you? Now’s the time to explore a whole new level of competitive shooting. Take up paintballing and experience what it’s really like to be under fire. In paintball, you get to employ military strategies and tactics you’ve been dying to pull off in Call of Duty.

It takes a while to get used to the feeling of getting hit by paintballs. But once you get the hang of things, you’ll find that the sport is a lot of fun. And you also get to make new friends.

49. Parkour

guy practing parkour running up a wall

Parkour is one of the coolest inventions ever. It’s the practice of trying to overcome obstacles in an environment using only natural methods, which includes running, jumping, vaulting, climbing, and rolling.

Basically, parkour is obstacle course training without an actual pre-made obstacle course. Obstacles in parkour can be buildings, walls, rails, and ledges. In an urban setting, anything can be an obstacle course for a parkour practitioners.

50. Photography

photagrapher taking a picture

If you love taking pictures using your smartphone, then we suggest you take things seriously and actually take up photography as a hobby. Start by buying a real camera. We don’t care if your smartphone has the best camera in the world. For photography, get a damn DSLR and a DSLR Stabilizer.

Photography offers a number of benefits. It inspires you to be more creative and allows you to see small details you can’t see with the naked eye. But most important of all, photography gives you the medium to preserve memories or moments.

51. Playing Musical Instrument

dude shredding on an electric guiter

Add music to your life and learn how to play a musical instrument. Thankfully, you can learn how to play a musical instrument just by watching videos on YouTube. No need to spend money on weekend classes.

There are numerous musical instruments to choose from. You can go for commonly played instruments (guitar, piano, and drums) or you can go for, well, the less common (harmonica, flute, and saxophone). If you don’t have a lot of time to commit to this hobby, simply choose easy-to-learn instruments like a ukulele.

52. Plumbing

replacing a leaky faucet

Nothing says you’re the man of the house than being able to fix broken water pipes. Calling a plumber every time a pipe-related problem pops up, no matter how minor, can be very expensive. Take up plumbing and learn how to fix those minor pipe issues. Only summon the plumber for major pipe breakdowns.

For this hobby, you can simply rely on guidebooks and YouTube videos for instructions on how to get the job done. For complicated procedures, like actually installing a new water system in your house, we suggest consulting with a professional first.

53. Podcasting

podcasting and radio set up

If you’re not much of a writer, you can take up podcasting to express your thoughts and opinions on specific topics instead. It’s an inexpensive hobby that only requires a microphone and a computer or laptop. Recording a podcast is best done in a quiet room, so if you live in a particularly noisy neighborhood, you might want to invest in some soundproofing equipment.

54. Poker

poker set

It’s time to move on from solitaire and learn a new card game, gentlemen. Take up poker and learn how to apply real strategies in a card game. Poker is a fun card game where you get to improve your patience, math skills, strategic skills, logical thinking, and discipline. And if you become really good at it, you can join competitions and earn some extra cash.

55. Pool

billiards table

Like with darts, you probably had the chance to play pool or billiards at least once if you go to bars on a regular basis. It’s a good hobby if you want to improve your mental concentration, hand-eye coordination, and social skills.

But pool or billiards isn’t really the most action-packed sport out there. Pool players mostly spend time thinking and analyzing the field. If you want something with more activity, you can check out team sports or martial arts.

56. Pottery

pottery making throwing skill

Pottery is another great hobby to take up if you’re fond of building things. It’s a more delicate form of item building compared to metalworking and leatherworking because of the materials used. And the end products are definitely a lot more fragile. With pottery, you get to craft items such as vases, clay pots, and plates, which you can gift to friends and family members.

57. RC Cars/Planes Piloting

rc car jump

Want to drive or fly something without actually hopping inside a vehicle? Take up RC cars or planes piloting. This hobby can be a little expensive, however, especially if you prefer owning multiple cars and planes instead of just sticking to one or two of each. If you have kids, this is a recommended hobby because you get to bring along your kids for the ride, so to speak.

58. Reading

man reading a book

Reading has lots of benefits for you. It improves your vocabulary and memory. It improves your concentration and writing skills. It stimulates your imagination and helps reduce stress. There’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t consider taking up reading as a hobby. You can start by reading and finishing at least one book per month, and then steadily increase your load.

59. Robot Building

robot built

Robot building is one of the more technical hobbies out there. But if you enjoy being challenged and love building things, then this hobby is definitely for you. Robot building is exactly what it sounds like – you build a robot out of different parts and program it to do specific things. For this hobby, you need to be willing to learn all about electronics and programming. If you already got those areas covered, then good for you.

60. Rock Climbing

rock climbing free handed

Not interested in relatively tame outdoor activities such as hiking, running, and backpacking? Take up rock climbing and experience a whole different way of “exploring” a mountain. This hobby will literally get you an up-close and personal look at a mountain.

Before trying to conquer a mountain or a natural rock formation, make sure that you are well-trained. But if you want to play it safe, you can always go to rock climbing gyms, which feature artificial rock walls.

61. Canoeing/Kayaking/Sailing

kayaking racer

If you don’t like exploring nature on foot, you can try canoeing, kayaking, or sailing. All three activities involve moving around in a boat. Canoeing and kayaking require paddling, while sailing relies exclusively on the wind for movement. It’s not necessary that you buy your own boat for this hobby. It’s perfectly fine to just rent boats.

62. Scuba Diving/Snorkeling

scuba diving bottom ocean

Take up scuba diving or snorkeling and discover the fascinating world under the sea. Since you were born too early for full-fledged space exploration, the deep sea is the closest thing you can get to another planet. You don’t necessarily need to buy a full set of scuba diving or snorkeling gear right off the bat. You can easily rent equipment at beach resorts.

63. Sculpting

sculpting a white statue

Sculpting is another form of visual art that you can take up as a hobby even if you have no background in anything related to art. Compared to drawing and painting, sculpting takes a lot longer to learn. There are different types of sculpting, each with a different primary material used. If you want a less hardcore form, you can go for sand sculpting, which you can practice every time you’re at the beach.

64. Shoe Collecting

collection of different shoes

Do you like buying a new pair of shoes every year? Why not turn it into a hobby instead? For a more organized collection, we suggest sticking to only one or two types of shoes. You can also focus on only collecting shoes from a specific brand.

However, shoe collecting is an expensive hobby. Even if you have a good eye for good deals and sales, collecting shoes can put a large dent in your wallet. Be sure to double-check your financial status first before committing to this hobby.

65. Shooting

shooting practice at an indoor gun range

Think archery and darts are for kids? Try taking up shooting instead. And by “shooting,” we mean firing guns at shooting targets in an open field – we’re not telling you to shoot people as a hobby. You can start with small firearms such as handguns, and then steadily move up the ladder. You can also do this hobby at indoor shooting ranges.

66. Skateboarding

skate board trick

Skateboarding is not dead. Far from it. The fact that the sport is now considered an official Olympic sport is a proof that it’s not going away anytime soon. Anyone can take up skateboarding. Even 30-something men who are looking for a more extreme way to stay fit.

The only problem with this hobby is that not all cities come with skate parks. Not having the right playground may deprive you of the chance to fully enjoy your hobby.

67. Skiing/Snowboarding

ski and snowboard ramps

Skiing and snowboarding are excellent hobbies if you want to improve your balance and lower body strength and want to burn calories in a literally cool way. Both activities are more relaxing than skateboarding, plus you get to have a better view. For this hobby, it helps a lot if you live in a place where snow is a common sight. It will allow you to practice your craft more regularly.

68. Skydiving

two skydivers in the sky

Skydiving is the closest thing you can get to flying like Superman. It’s one of the most adrenaline-pumping extreme sports in the world. It’s a high-risk sport not many people are willing to try. Because not everyone finds jumping off airplanes an interesting activity. Injuries are pretty common in this hobby, especially in the ankle area, so expect to always come away with aching body parts during your first few tries.

69. Stamp Collecting

book full of collected stamps

Stamp collecting is a lot like currency collecting. It’s a straightforward hobby where you simply collect different stamps. You can narrow down your collection to just local stamps. Or you can go for a massive collection and collect stamps from different countries. The best thing about this hobby is that you will never run out of items to collect since new stamps come out often.

70. Surfing

guy surfing a huge wave

If you love going to the beach, you might as well add surfing to your hobbies. It’s a lot more fun than just sitting around on the sand and hoping someone notices you’re wearing an expensive pair of sunglasses. Surfing improves your balance, core strength, and leg strength. But before taking up this hobby, make sure that you know how to swim.

71. Team Sports

basketball team game in public court

It’s not too late to get into team sports such as basketball, baseball, and soccer. If you have a friend who regularly plays the team sport you plan to learn, ask them to teach you the basics and to bring you along for pick-up games. But we recommend getting into a good physical shape first. Certain team sports can be very physically demanding.

72. Thrifting

thrift store

Thrifting is an activity in which you go to thrift shops, garage sales, flea markets, and vintage shops, hoping to find cheap, secondhand items and interesting items other people might consider worthless. This hobby is a great way to spend less on clothing. And it helps if you’re good at haggling, as it will allow you to get items for even lower prices.

73. Traveling

guy traveling

Traveling is the best way to learn more about the world. It allows you to meet different people and be exposed to different cultures. It allows you to learn how people in other countries live their lives. It gives you the chance to see things you wouldn’t find in your home country. But most importantly, traveling introduces you to different cuisines.

74. Video Gaming

xbox one black controller

Video gaming doesn’t really need any introduction. Lots of men name playing video games as their primary hobby. Playing video games teaches you a number of skills, such as time management, multitasking, and quick decision-making.

Playing video games is also a good way to destress after a long day at work, though we recommend staying away from games like Cuphead, Dark Souls III, Bloodborne, and online multiplayer games with a toxic reputation (looking at you League of Legends and Overwatch), which will only bring you more stress.

75. Videography

videography equipment

If working with still images in photography isn’t too appealing to you, check out videography instead. It’s arguably the best way to preserve memories and moments. If you want to take it a step further, you can try amateur moviemaking. Who knows, you just might become the next Quentin Tarantino or Steven Spielberg.

76. Vintage Item Collecting

vintage telephone collection

Vintage item collecting involves the collection of really old items. We’re talking about items that originally appeared in the 80s, 70s, or earlier. The items can be old toys, television sets, vinyl record players, lunchboxes, radios, and telephones. This hobby can be very expensive, though – in general, the older the item, the more expensive it is.

77. Volunteering

team of young volunteers

Volunteering is without a doubt the most fulfilling hobby you could ever take up. Helping others without asking for any sort of compensation is a genuine sacrifice not many people are willing to take. You can volunteer for different causes, depending on what interests you. For example, you can spend weekends helping orphans with their homework and help out in feeding programs in poor areas.

78. Wine Tasting

wine tasting tables

Do you drink wine on a regular basis? Why not turn it into a hobby instead? Wine tasting is more than just about drinking wine and checking the flavor. It involves checking the wine’s appearance, smell, taste, and aftertaste. You need to carefully examine each and every aspect of the wine. Naturally, this hobby improves your senses.

79. Woodworking

wood working to smooth a piece of wood

Woodworking is different from carpentry. It involves the crafting of wood products such as bedroom closets, stairs, dividers, and kitchen cabinets. Carpenters install those wood products in houses.

Just like leatherworking and metalworking, woodworking is another recommended hobby for those who like to build things. If you want to build personalized chairs, tables, drawers, and small furniture, then this hobby is for you.

80. Writing

writing in a book

Writing is one of the best ways of expression. It allows you to express things you couldn’t speak out loud, for whatever reason. Writing comes in different forms. For a more personal form, you can go for journaling or blogging. For impressing the ladies, you can do poetry, which is a lot different.

Hopefully, we got you interested in at least one of these 80 interesting and fun hobbies for men. There’s a ton of cool things to learn and experience life. Something you don’t enjoy? Toss it off and try something else!