The 60 Best Hairstyles For Men With Beards

Figuring out the best hairstyle to pair with your beard can be tricky business. You don’t want to have a hairdo that overpowers the beard, but you also don’t want to look disproportionate. It’s all about balance.

First, it helps to think about whether you want long, short, or medium-length hair. If you don’t have much of a preference regarding the length of the hair on your head, think about how you feel about your beard.

Do you want it to stay trimmed and barely reach beyond your face? Or are you more into the full-on long beard look? Maybe you’re somebody who likes a lengthier beard, but not long enough to reach your collarbone.

As long as you know what you want either your hair or your beard to look like, you aren’t going to have too hard of a time deciding on the right hairstyle for you and your beard.

From there, you can start planning a look that suits the vibe you’re going for. These sixty hairstyle ideas for men with beards might be the inspiration you need, too.

Shoulder Length Hair with a Beard of the Same Length Silver Grey Spiked Hair with a Casual Scruffy Beard Slick Back Scruffy Hair with Gel, Paired with a Goatee Slick Hair with Gel That is Combed Back with Purpose Slight Stubble with a Freshly Trimmed Haircut Spiked Up Hair Paired with a Closely Trimmed Beard Straight Parted Hair with High Fade and Combover A Beard that Connects to a Full Head of Hair Bald Lower Head into Full Overgrown Hair with Trimmed BearcShort Styled Beard with Scruffy Wild Hair on Top

Be Trendy with a Balbo Beard and Combed Back Hair Beard, Mustache, and Overgrown Trim Hairstyle Become a Brad Pitt Look-A-Like with This White Goatee and Brown Hair Combo Bible Quote Tattoo in the Shape of a Cross Blonde Faded Beard and Hairstyle Combination Boyish Hairdo with a White Beard Casual Look with Brushed Yet Wild Medium-Length Hair Channel Your Inner Ryan Gosling with This Beard and Hair Look Closely Buzzed Haircut with a Neck Beard Cut Your Hair to Be the Same Length as Your Beard

Don't Cut Your Beard or Hair and See What Results Drop Fade Hairstyle for Men with a Freely Growing Beard Faded Buzzcut with Minimal Chin Beard Like a Goatee Full Grown Beard Paired with a Man Bun Grow Out Your Hair so That It Naturally Overturns Grow Out Your Short Hair with a Beard Hairstyle Idea for Men with Part Buzzcut, Part Flowing Hair Hipster Vibes with a Full Beard and Well Cared For Hairstyle Keep It Professional with This Hair and Beard Look for Corporate World Men Let Your Greys Shine Through with a Natural Hair and Beard Look

Let Your Hair Grow While Keeping Your Beard Trimmed Long Beard and Full Fade Hair Long Hair on Top and a Neat Trim on the Bottom Long Hair Parted to the Right Long Natural Beard with Short Trimmed Hair Long Untamed Hair with a Medium-Sized Beard Look Like a Cinematic Professor with Short Hair and an Anchor Beard Look Like Leonardo Decaprio with the Low Ponytail and Scruffy Beard Man Bun and Short Beard Hairdo Idea for Older Men Medium Length Brunette Hair with a Scruffy Beard

Military Buzz Cut with an Everyday Beard Look Overgrown Beard with Unkept Hair Pair a Faded Beard with a Faded Hairstyle for Men Pair a Gel Hairstyle with Nothing but a Chin Beard and Light Mustache Pair Styled Hair with a Beard Wider than Your Jawline Perfectly Coiffed Slicked-Back Hairdo for Men Professional Combover Hairstyle with Well-Kept Beard Professional Hairstyle on Top, Casual Beard on Bottom Professionally Styled Men's Hairstyle Ideas Shaved Head with Voluminous Beard

Short Curly 'Do With a Well-Maintained Beard Short Curly Haircut with a Short Overgrown Scruff Short Hair with a Soft Fade Short Spikey Hair with a Casual Goatee and Mustache Style Your Hair with Gel and a Thin Brush, Along with an Undercut Tall Hair On Top with a Casual Fade on the Sides Tall-Standing Pompadour with Short Beard The Perfect Hair and Beard Combination for a Night on the Town Very Short Beard Idea for Men with Short Hair to Match Very Short Trimmed Hairdo Paired with a Grown-Out Beard