The 110 Best Nordic Tattoos for Men

Nordic tattoos are designed with medieval themes in mind. A lot of the most popular Norse tattoo ideas for men involve seas, symbolic sails, wooden boats, dragons, Vikings, and images of war scenes. Texts were incredibly important because written words were a sort of power to the Nordic people, and this was especially true to Norse gods.

Bravery and strength were at the forefront of the minds of the Norse sailors, and they always tested the wild waters by bringing everything they owned with them to sea. Nordic tattoos symbolize more courage than most other tattoo ideas for men. You will often find that many Nordic tattoos incorporate three triangles in them, or groups of three things, even if they are not triangles. The reason for this is based in symbolism. In the Norse world, the number three was used to indicate the past, the present, and the future.

Called the Three Norns, the past, present, and future helped the Norse Vikings keep a good head on their shoulders. They fought in the present for those who died in the past, all so that they could strive for a profitable and ejnoyable future. You don’t have to be Nordic yourself to get a Norse-inspired tattoo, though many people do get them as a way of honoring their heritage and where they come from. Here are the top 110 Nordic tattoo ideas for men.

Nordic Feathered Sleeve Tattoo

Nordic God Fighting in War Forearm Piece Nordic God Soldier Tattoo Nordic God with Ship and Sails Tattoo Nordic Grass and Symbol Tattoo Nordic Imagery Back of Shoulder Tattoo Idea for Men Nordic Line Drawing Howling Wolf Nordic Masked God with Horns Back Tattoo Nordic Ocean Wave Triangle Tattoo Nordic Red Rope and Wolf Tattoo

Nordic Scenery along Your Arm Nordic Shield Idea for a Tattoo Nordic Ship Sailing Along Your Upper Arm Nordic Shoulder Tattoo Nordic Soldier and Hawk Red Tattoo Nordic Soldier Full Sleeve Piece Nordic Symbol Chest Pieces Nordic Symbolism Tattoos Nordic Tatto for Your Hand Nordic Tattoo Commemorating Lives Lost in Wars

Nordic Tattoo Over a Traditional Design Nordic Tattoo that Looks Like a Painting Nordic Tattoo that Looks Like a Photograph Nordic Tattoo that Represents Strength Nordic Text Wrapping Around a Symbolic Dragon Nordic Upper Arm Tattoo with Purple Hues Nordic War Scene Across Your Back Nordic Warrior Mid-Fight Ribcage Tattoo Nordic Wooden Sailboat and Ocean Waves Norse Symbol Tattoo Idea for Men

Rabbit Patterned Full Arm Nordic Tattoo Realistic Wolf and Soldier Nordic Tattoo Idea for Men Right Shoulder and Back Nordic Piece Shoulder Upper Arm Nordic Piece Side of the Ribs Nordic Tattoo Idea Simple Forearm Nordic Tattoo Idea Simple Yet Traditional Nordic Triangle and Dragon Tattoo Concept Spiraling Nordic Tattoo Idea Sword and Armor Nordic Inspired Tattoo Idea Tattoo Outline of a Nordic Warrior Running to Battle

Tattoo Representing a Nordic War Scene Tattoo that Snakes Around Your Lower Arm Thick Full Sleeve Tattoo Tired Eyes of a Nordic Soldier Traditional Nordic Sailboat Idea Unique Nordic Leg Tattoo Upper Arm Tatto with Nordic Designs Upper Back Shoulder Tattoo Upper Chest Nordic Tattoo Idea for Men Black and Red Fence and Dragon Tattoo

Brand New Fresh Black Nordic Tattoo for Men Circle Stone-Like Nordic Tattoo for Men Connected Triangles Arm Tattoo Criss Cross Detailed Nordic Scenery Tattoo Detailed Symmetrical Dragons Chest Piece Detailed Wolf Chest Tattoo Dragon and Ivy Arm Piece for Men Dragon Line Tattoo Idea Dual Circular Ivy Chest Tattoo Eagle Bird Nordic Tattoo Concept

Entire Back Piece For Nordic Men Exquisite Detailed Chest and Shoulder Piece Faint Nordic Warrior Sleeve Idea Faint Worn Nordic Full Sleeve Front and Center Nordic Chest Piece Idea Front Chest Nordic Tattoo Concept for Men Full Hand Nordic Tattoo Idea Full On Back Piece with Nordic Castles and Clouds Full Shoulder Nordic Tattoo Full Sleeve Dedicated to Nordic Heritage

Full Sleeve Dragon Nordic Tattoo Full Sleeve for Men Who Love Nordic Pieces Full Sleeve Nordic Symbolism Piece Full Sleeve Nordic Tattoo Idea Full Sleeve of Dragons and Text Full Sleeve of Nordic Lines and Scales Full Sleeve with Nordic Symbols Full Upper Sleeve Tattoo with Red Accents Geometric Nordic Full Arm and Chest Piece Get a Nordic Fighter Tattooed Across Your Entire Back

Giving Tree Circular Hand Tattoo Grey Nordic Tattoo Half Body Nordic Tattoo Piece Incredibly Detailed Nordic Seal of Arms Tattoo Idea for Men Intricate Back Tattoo Idea for Nordic Men Lower Leg Mechanical Nordic Tattoo Lower Leg Nordic Tattoo Idea for Men Matching Calf Nordic Tattoos Montage of Nordic Sails and Warriors at Sea Nordic Back Piece with White Spaces

Nordic Back Tattoo for Men Nordic Chest Piece Nordic Chest Tattoo Nordic Circular Stone Tattoo Idea Nordic Designs Along Your Shoulder Nordic Dragon Forearm Tattoo Nordic Dragon Tattoo that Wraps Around Your Arm A Full Sleeve Nordic Tattoo Idea A Mix of Nordic Designs for Men Aesthetic Nordic Tattoo Idea

Arm Piece for Men Celebrating Nordic Heritage Arm Tattoo that Looks Like Armor Asymmetrical Nordic Chest Tattoo for Men Back and Shoulder Tattoo Concept for Nordic Men Back of Calf Nordic Idea for Men Back of Leg Small Nordic Tattoo Idea Back Tattoo Idea for Men Back Tattoo of Nordic Woodlands Back Tattoo with Empty Space Wolf Full Sleeve Armor Tattoo