The 9 Best Hair Removal Creams and Sprays

Hair removal is one of those basic body grooming activities that you need to do on a regular basis.  And it’s obvious that apart from being time-consuming, shaving also causes many other side effects, including cuts, skin irritation, and ingrown hairs.

While traditional shaving is still very popular among many people, hair removal through the use of creams and sprays is on a steady rise. Many women, and now men, are opting to take care of hair the cream or spray way. Sprays and creams are becoming more popular because of the advantages that they provide over shaving.

First on the list of the advantages is that it is pain-free. Who wants to go through the pain that comes with most of the other methods of hair removal? Shaving shouldn’t be painful either, but tell that to someone who knicks themselves or gets an abrasion from using a dull razor. And waxing is… not a pleasant experience no matter who’s doing it.

Hair removal creams and sprays, on the other hand, cause no discomfort, are very easy to use, and are much quicker than the other methods of hair removal

It is worthwhile to note that they are also rather inexpensive. The price range is very affordable, which means that most people can afford to buy them. There has been some misconception on what hair removal creams can or cannot do, but just as with every other type of product, some brands and formulas are better than others.

In the list below, we’re looking at the 9 best hair removal creams and sprays that have beaten the test of time and have been proven to be the best on the market. Read on to find out which cream or spray will best suit your needs.


Veet for Men Hair Removal GelVeet for Men Hair Removal Gel

Among the world leaders in the hair removal market, Veet for Men is highly rated and used by many people around the globe. People have complained in the past of it causing irritations or even burns when being used, but the truth is that most of the problems come as a result of not properly following the instructions on the product.

It is never one-size-fits-all when it comes to hair removal creams, and so when using a product, carefully read all the instructions. Even if you’ve used a hair removal cream before, don’t assume that this one will be the same.

To avoid the burns and the irritations it might cause, don’t let it sit for a longer period than the instructions advise. The longest amount of time you should keep it on is four minutes. You can wipe it off thoroughly afterward to ensure that it doesn’t start to irritate your skin.

You might need to use it two or three times before you see the perfect results you are looking for. Using it more often for a shorter period will ensure that you don’t let it stay on one area for too long. The fact that you only need to let it sit on an area for less than or up to four minutes means that it very powerful compared to some of the other hair removal creams.

Another very important instruction that many people ignore, only to greatly regret it later, is that Veet should not be used on the underarm or groin areas. Also, don’t let the area you have removed hair from coming into contact with water immediately after the process. That means no showering or swimming right after using Veet.

These are very simple instructions that can save you a lot of pain and frustration. Following the instructions also gives you the best results that will show you why Veet is among the most loved hair removal creams in the world.


The Bare King Kombo by Balls BalmThe Bare King Kombo by Balls Balm

This is one of the best hair removal creams for your sensitive areas. It leaves next to zero irritation burns as long as you use it correctly. It is very important to follow all the instructions.

You need to use this product for a maximum of only 15 minutes. Using it for longer than that might end up causing irritations. It is important to apply a thick mass of the cream and massage it in after every few minutes to ensure that every strand of hair is evenly coated with the cream. This ensures a smooth finish at the end of the hair removal process. It comes in a large tube, so you won’t have a problem getting enough cream to apply.

Finish off the process by washing off the hair using lukewarm water and gently rubbing it off with the exfoliating glove it comes with. Most of the time, the glove doesn’t remove all the hair with one swipe, so you’ll need to massage the area gently for a minute or two. The 15-minute maximum time limit means it’s fast and convenient to use.

Another advantage of this product is that it has no weird smell, and it works well even on course hairs. Included in the pack is an applicator that makes application very easy, and the glove ensures you have no unsightly marks on your fingers after the application.


MudZero Dead Sea Hair Removal Cream for MenMudZero Dead Sea Hair Removal Cream for Men

It’s essential for a man to look his best at all times. That is exactly what you get with this cream – perfectly smooth skin as it helps do away with every bit of unwanted hair without causing any irritations. You can apply it to any area of your body with the assurance of a painless process.

The presence of various minerals from the Dead Sea (26 to be exact) makes it very healthy on the skin and further makes the product a very safe choice. The use of minerals also ensures that there isn’t any odor from strong chemicals.

One aspect that sets this hair removal cream apart from the rest is how the creators have taken into consideration the effect it has on the skin after the hair removal process is complete. It cleanses and moisturizes the skin, leaving it feeling very smooth and refreshed.

The anti-bacterial sea mineral also works great to help keep the skin healthy and to avoid any infections on the skin. The maximum amount of time you need to use this product on any part of the body is about 5 minutes. Don’t use it any longer than that to ensure you don’t experience any side effects.

The minerals also minimize hair growth, which means you will not have to use this cream very often.

MudZero is very economical both regarding the size of the tube and also its low price, making it a favorite among its users.


Water Ice Levin Depilatory CreamsWalter Ice Levin Depilatory Creams

This is one cream that can you can apply to any part of the body without any side effects at all, including your underarms, legs, toes, chest, back, and groin. For those who want speedy results coupled with 100% perfect results, this should be your go-to cream. You can even it share with your wife because it’s for both men and women.

It takes effect within a very short time. The maximum time you need to leave it on is 8 minutes. It is not necessary, however, that you wait until the eighth minute before you can take it off. Gently massage the area you have applied it on, and when you notice hair coming out in large quantities, you can gently clean it off.

The end result when using this cream is evenly soft and smooth skin surface. The natural substances further help to make your skin very fresh and clean as it also repairs the skin cells. Other hair removal creams have been known to change the structure of the hair follicle due to excessive chemical reactions, but not this one. It gently penetrates the follicles and ensures that the hair follicle is not damaged below the skin.

It also comes with an applicator to make it easier to apply and a scraper that greatly helps to remove the cream when you have finished the process. Using Walter Ice Levin Depilatory Cream is a painless process as the product doesn’t cause any irritations or burns.


Pilaten Painless Depilatory Cream for Men and WomenPilaten Painless Depilatory Cream for Men and Women

Some men can stand pain better than others. It’s manly to be in real pain but still manage to concentrate on other things. Of course, if you can avoid pain and achieve the same results, that’s just smart. When you want to get rid of hair without the discomfort, look no further than Pilaten’s hair removal cream.

This cream works wonders within a very short time – 10 minutes to be precise. It leaves you feeling very smooth and with no extra pain to go with it. Most hair removal creams remove the hair from just below the skin. But this product gently penetrates to the roots of the skin and detaches the hair from the roots, giving you a very smooth and satisfying feeling at the end.

Removing the hair from the roots not only provides a smooth feel, but it also ensures minimum hair regrowth. The hair that does return will take longer to show up and will be weaker when it does. This makes it a very economical and safe product as you don’t have to use it often.

You can use the Pilaten cream on any part of your body when you need to remove hair. It works on even the most sensitive parts of your body without causing any irritation.


Sally Hansen Spray-On Shower-Off Hair RemoverSally Hansen Spray-On Shower-Off Hair Remover

The greatest feature you get with the Sally Hansen spray is that it is very economical because all you need to do is spray a thin layer on your skin, and just like that, you get results. This product causes no irritations burns and is very safe to use. You also don’t need to worry about ingrown hairs as it won’t cause that either.

Many people have complained of a foul smell, but this only comes when you let it sit on the skin for a longer time than is required. Letting it stay longer might also cause irritations but not burns as is common with other hair removal sprays.

For people with sensitive skin, this product will work very well as long as you remove it after the recommended three minutes. When you spray it, it foams up and then becomes watery. This keeps your skin from being irritated by thick creams.

You’ll appreciate how much it reduces hair growth as well how smooth your skin feels after using it. It is also very efficient for people with thick hair or coarse hair. You can use it on your delicate areas safely with no side effects at all.

You might, however, need to apply just a little more than the normal amount on thicker hair to get the best results.


nair hair removal spray fo rmenNair Men’s Hair Removal Spray

It is tiring how fast hair grows back after a shave, and that is exactly why to the hairy people Nair can be compared only to Superman. If tested, it could easily remove hair from a bear. It’s just that no one would dare test the bear like that.

While it has a burning sensation if left on for a longer than required period, it is also the best for removing hair from large surfaces, such as your chest, legs, back. You shouldn’t use this one on the more sensitive areas of your body.

The best way to use Nair with almost zero irritation is by spraying just a thin layer on the areas you want to remove hair from and not letting it sit for more than the 4 minutes recommended on the product.

After the four minutes, you might need to massage the area gently as you rinse off the Nair to free stubborn from your pores. Letting it stay for longer than this results in a very sore surface, which you can easily avoid if you follow the instructions carefully.

It is very easy to use this hair removal spray because of how Nair designed the nozzle. The fact that it is a spray means that you could reach the areas you couldn’t possibly reach using a cream, especially your back. Along with the spray, you also get a scraper that you can use to scrape the hair off after the four-minute mark.

The smell is a bit on the higher side, but the reward of having smooth, clean skin is worth it. The smell goes away in a few short hours after the hair removal process.


Nad’s for Men Hair Removal CreamNad’s for Men Hair Removal Cream

Smooth chest, smooth back, smooth legs, and a smooth face. All that comes in one pack with the Nad’s for Men Hair Removal Cream. This product is the fastest-action option you can get out of all the hair removal creams as it can effectively remove hair in under 2 minutes.

This cream is certainly one of the best because of its many advantages. First, it doesn’t cause any irritations on your skin, which is one of the reasons many people wouldn’t want to use a depilatory. While using it, you will not have any form of itching either. This goes even for men with delicate skin. If you do have sensitive skin, though, Nad’s recommends using less of the product per application.

You might need to reapply other products multiple times, but with this one, the hair literally melts off your body, leaving your skin feeling soft and smooth. That feeling will last quite a while until the hair starts to grow back. You also don’t need to apply any pressure while removing the hair. It comes off with a light touch.

Another reason why Nad’s for Men is simply incomparable is because it doesn’t react with water. You can take a shower or a dip in the hot tub without any irritation.


Nair Men Hair Removal CreamNair Men Hair Removal Cream

Some things can never be forgotten, and leaving them out is injustice to the whole system. That is how important Nair hair removal cream is. This product is definitely a shark in the vast hair removal product sea. It is one of the very best among all the products.

It does not irritate your skin if used in the right way, which means leaving it on only for four minutes only. The result afterward is very smooth skin with no bumps or stubble.

There is nothing as rewarding as using a product that makes it easy for you to apply. Nair for Men cream does that through the applicator that evenly applies the cream over all the places where you want to remove hair. It also has a scraper that makes it very easy to slough off the hair after finishing up the process.

The scent is not highly pungent, and it doesn’t linger after you use it. It also doesn’t react with water, which means you can shower or jump in the pool right after.