The 10 Best Gun Safes under $1000

Collecting an assortment of expensive and well-looked after guns means that you’ll need somewhere suitable to store them. Owning a gun safe is commonplace if you want to protect your investment, by keeping them securely locked away so they don’t fall into the wrong hands should the worst occur during a break in. Furthermore, if you’ve got relatives or dependents who are too young to handle a firearm, it’s your duty as a responsible adult to keep these guns out of harm’s way.

Therefore, purchasing a gun safe is not only a good idea; it’s mandatory. Of course, there is a myriad of options available to you in the marketplace and it can be difficult to determine which one is the right fit for you, all without breaking the bank. We’ll be looking at the 10 best gun safes for under $1000 and what that means in terms of safety, storage space, design, aesthetics and more.


Barska-AX11652-Corner-Gun-SafeBarska AX11652 Corner Gun Safe

The Barska Corner Gun safe has a top feature of a sophisticated locking system, which employs fingerprint recognition technology. This allows for multiple users to be entered on the system who can safely and easily retrieve a firearm.

However, this biometric unit isn’t the biggest and will struggle to fit rifles in. Owners have mused that four weapons can be stored with the inclusion of auxiliaries such as scopes and other optics.

With the limited space available, this weapon store works best with shotguns. It’s slender build means it can fit snugly into a hallway or smaller abode, which is a good space saver, should this be an issue.


  • 120 fingerprints can be logged on to the system.
  • Manual override of lock and key, should the fingerprint system fail or access is required.
  • Spare keys included.
  • Fireproofing mechanism is absent.
  • LED illumination can be easily added, providing ease of access in nighttime conditions



Capitol-24-Gun-Fire-SafeCannon RF4820 24 gun safe

Cannon has experience in building safes since 1965. This particular model aims to differ from the norm with an aesthetic that is light and not as stark as the usual black or grey. Coupled with a size and weight that makes it easy to store, it slots itself firmly into the conversation of best gun safes.

The powerful locking system is provided by six locking bolts, four inches in length and features an anti-pry system courtesy of a TruLuck internal hinge. In addition, there is a dual stage triple fin door seal, which expands to a whopping seven times its original size in the event of a fire.

A unit that provides adequate space for storage, ease of installation in the home thanks to it’s relative lightweight and size, the Cannon RF4820 ticks a lot of the boxes. It’s locking mechanism and fire prevention make it a good candidate for our rundown.


  • Digit code. You can create any digital code for your access.
  • Anti-drill system. It helps to minimize the possibility of theft with special tools.
  • Hinge mechanism. There is a considerable element in protection against prying.



American-Security-TF-Series-Gun-SafeAmerican Security TF Series Gun Safe

Next up is a serious looking piece of kit from AMSEC; the TF gun safe.

With a dark black coating, golden handle and neatly inscribed banner, this stylish weapon hold boasts an impressive stat right off the bat; it is Mercury Class 1 fireproof of 1200 degrees Fahrenheit for a total of thirty minutes.

Despite a classic look, the TF offers modern solutions to storage, with a digital keypad that users have found easy to use, even in the dark, thanks to a light-up keypad. There is also a guarantee on the buttons staying true for a whole year and replacing the keypad in the unfortunate event of a break in, is straightforward.

Despite a good resume, there are downsides to this product. The handle will start slipping or even fall off after opening it, so wear and tear is certainly present. However, there is a lifetime guarantee with the product, so there is always an opportunity to reclaim funds should you be unsatisfied.


  • Lightweight; it is only 286 lbs. This allows for easy manoeuvrability and flexible storage solutions.
  • Spacious unit that can store multiple weapons and accessories.
  • High-quality steel that resists break-ins.
  • A powerful anti-flammable coating that resists fire for up to thirty minutes.


Armor-Fire-Gun-Safe---64-GunArmor Fire Gun Safe – 64 Gun

Armor is entered next with their product that aims to surpass other manufacturers with the mantra that size does matter, weighing in at 508lbs and boasting dimensions of 40″ wide, 25″ deep and 55″ high, it certainly ticks the storage capacity box.

As well as this, it has an electrical blocking mechanism, which can be programmed with a code of 3-8 digits. Operating this is simple and for longevity, batteries can be changed easily because they are located on the anterior side of the unit. Rounding off this list of details is the assembling facility, located in the basic kit.

Interestingly, the SAFE-64 GUN was created according to the Penal Code section 23655 and completely secure for everyone. The large size means it can store a multitude of weapons safely and securely, however, the downside is of course space; it may be difficult to locate this in a convenient location within your home. Therefore, you may be dictated where to keep this, based purely on the units dimensions.

But, circling back to the impressive storage, there is a second shelf for saving documents, money, and valuable equipment.


  • 3-8 digit code. If you forget a code, there is a manual override in the form of a spare key, so there is no need to panic should you forget the code!
  • Large volume and capacity.
  • The 4-stroke closing of the door. The unit will adjoin and lock better and minimize opening by a thief.


 Cannon-Gun-Safe-5524-30-H1TEC-17Cannon Gun Safe 5524-30-H1TEC-17

Back to Cannon, and this entry is impressive mainly for its stylistic choices coupled with rationally apportioned space. This can be one of the prime weapon safe under $500.

The sleek, black exterior is affixed with multiple features to keep your arms and documents safe. With a thirty-minute fire rating, you can rest assured that the valuables inside will not perish quickly. This is enhanced by three locking bolts, TruLock internal hinges and a triple fin intumescent seal, which all act as deterrents against thieves looking to alleviate you of your equipment.

Walking the fine line of practicality and security, this model provides that aesthetic pleasure with a robust and durable body. The door will withstand a lot of punishment and be difficult to pry open, as you would expect with any Cannon model. In conjunction, the digital lock offers the personal touch so that users can ensure that the right people have access. A six digit code can be entered, but should this ever be forgotten, a key is provided for the all-important manual intervention.


  • Repels fire during the first 30 minutes. This point is important because owners said this is their chance to save the valuables kept inside.
  • Assurance for five years. The company will fully repair the product after fire or loot.
  • Can store up to 24 weapons across a variety of shapes and sizes.
  • Has an additional key, providing a backup solution should the digital lock fail.


Mesa-MGL14C-Combination-Lock-Gun-SafeMesa MGL14C Combination Lock Gun Safe

Next, is an entry from Mesa who aim to answer the question of balancing storage space with spacious interior holding. Despite its narrow appearance, inside it is certainly big enough to hold larger firearms, due to an impressive height of 55 inches. Rifles and the like will not be an issue to store.

As is often seen with these types of storage units, a black finish is employed which gives a striking appeal. When faced with a strong aesthetic such as that, the impression of security is given and this is matched with sides that are made of steel, a mechanical block on the door which is easy to manipulate as the user and finally a bar that is precise and offers the final piece of security to complete the package.

Importantly, this unit is also fire resistant for thirty minutes, so as we have explored with other models, this allows for valuables to be saved should the worst occur.

A combination of robust safety elements, sleek design and a somewhat lightweight holding make this Mesa gun safe a worthy addition to our list for consideration.


  • Adjustable rack; you can find the best position for the rack and fix it. These elements of the kit are also solid so you can include shooting glasses, documents, important data.
  • Relatively lightweight. This is only 329lb, making it comfortable to install in your desired location, yet heavy enough that thieves can’t simply lift it up and escape on foot.
  • 3 pokes in the door. This element helps to close the door and make it adjoin densely.
  • 14 gun content, allows for a modest collection of arms.




Hollon-Hunter-Series-the-Gun-Safe-HGS-16EHollon Hunter Series the Gun Safe HGS-16E

Coming in at just under our $1000 budget is the Hollon Hunter Series Gun Safe HGS-16E. As before with the Mesa gun safe, this unit aims to blur the lines between safety and practicality, being a lightweight solution to your gun storage needs that provides robust security.

We’ll begin with the importance of fire safety and reassuringly, this variant can cope with fire lasting more than half an hour, clocking in an impressive 45-minute timescale. It guarantees the possibility to save all contents. It’s a relatively tall unit but this allows for all of the deluxe interior benefits which include pistol pockets allowing you to make the most out of the internal storage.

Thus far, we haven’t seen anything quite like this model in terms of security. Whether you decide to store costly guns or accessories, the Hollon Safe has everything to combat attacks from saws, drills, EMP short outs and ballistic interference.


  • Robust 12 gauge steel makes up the exterior.
  • The lock is electronic and has been tested against military grade EMP attacks.
  • Light-emitting diode with the keypad so you can enter your code in the darkest of nights without any struggle.
  • Drill resistant hardplate protects against the more robust attacks.
  • Binary blocking mechanism.


SnapSafe-Ruger-Titan-Digital-Modular-Gun-SafeSnapSafe Ruger Titan Digital Modular Gun Safe

Ruger is up next with a matte black adorned safe that aims to offer a solution to your storage needs whilst being simple to install; this model is a creation that owners can quickly mount in any location as there are no additional tools required for installation. Ruger aims to provide the security of a conventional, welded safe whilst remaining easy to assemble and un-assemble piece by piece. Measuring 59” high, 38” wide and 17.5” deep, the Titan home safe fits in any wide closet with ease so it can be out of sight from burglars.

Protection is the key here, and Ruger boasts an eight 1-inch chrome steel live locking bolts combined with a spring loaded re-locker. The door is a professional grade “non breach seal” deadbolt that is also coupled with a digital lock. However, there is no fire protection present so this is something to consider.

Leading on from the above, inside there are also 3 shelves that differ from each other. One upper shelf allows the buyer to store guns and huge elements, whilst 2 smaller shelves can store other items or smaller firearms.

To conclude, the Ruger Titan can offer a strong solution for storage needs as it covers the basics of security whilst offering the capability of providing adequate storage for 12 different firearms.


  • Outside walls are impacted. It was made by building in steel slabs. They have only 9 calibres.
  • Powder coated finish.
  • High capacity. Owners noted the nice opportunity for placing giant weapons inside. It can accommodate approximately 12 firearms.
  • Adjustable lined shelving.
  • 400lbs weight, once fully assembled, meaning it cannot be simply lifted away.
  • 8 screws for interlocking. These parts create a solid fixation for blocking doors.



LEGION-Gun-Safe-5928LEGION Gun Safe 5928

Another entry that squeaks in at just under $1000 is the Legion Gun Safe 5928 that features an array of safety aspects to keep your guns and other materials safe. A combination lock is employed along with a fingerprint recognition system and full alarm warning. It’s a winning formula that is backed up with an incredible storage capacity; a whopping 30 guns can be safely and securely stored inside.

There is also an impressive resistance against fire in the form of 1,200 degrees fire rating for up to 40 minutes. It helps to hold back heat outside of the safe and secure documents and weapons.

There’s a lot to enjoy about this unit. It’s one of the more technologically advanced gun safes on our list, making use of an alarm system and fingerprint recognition. It’s the storage space that really helps this stand out from the rest and a simple yet innovative design makes it a strong contender for best buy.


  • Can hold up to 30 guns with its spacious storage.
  • Controllable shelves. They will change to allow storage of various itinerary.
  • Weighing in at 386lbs, meaning thieves cannot simply carry it away, yet it is light enough to carry and install in your home.
  • Fingerprints open the lock. This system is highly effective and diminishes the probability of hacking by using lock picks or the like.


Steelwater-Gun-Safe-Heavy-DutySteelwater Gun Safe Heavy Duty

Rounding out our list is the Steelwater heavy duty gun safe that boasts strong reviews and excellent parameters that make this unit the embodiment of a strong gun safe.

To begin, let’s start with the defense against the unusual; fire and EMP attacks. This unit is 45 minute fire rated at a scorching1550˚F and is fully EMP proof. Coupled with 8X hardplate, this protects against more typical invasions such as prying and punching through the gun safe. Let’s take a closer look at the specifics.

Styled with a semi gloss coating that paints a serious image, this is backed up by a robust looking lock and durable keypad. Overall, this gun safe will do a fine job.


  • Capacity of the product is 12-16 of guns;
  • Tough plate 8X. Making this durable against techniques such as drilling.
  • Able to store 20 guns, averaging out at 12-14 with a mixture of large and small.
  • 453 lbs and it will be very difficult to move it away for intruders.