The 80 Best Greek Tattoos for Men

The first rule of getting a tattoo is to get one that means something. Everybody knows that, right? Of course, nobody can tell you what should and shouldn’t have meaning to you, giving you the freedom to get a tattoo of anything you want. In recent years, more and more people are finding a connection with Greek mythology and getting inked with the creatures, deities, and heroes that dictated much of life in ancient Greece.

At first thought, that might sound a little silly to some people, especially those who didn’t care much about studying ancient Greece in school. But those who look beneath the surface will find a world of fascinating stories, iconic characters, and deep meaning. There’s Medusa, a monster with snakes where her hair should be. There’s Atlas, who is tasked with holding up the world on his shoulders. There’s Poseidon, the God of the Sea who possessed tremendous power. There’s the Phoenix, a bird that could live multiple lives by rising from the ashes. There’s also Achilles, a war hero with a fatal flaw.

The list of iconic figures and creatures within Greek mythology goes on and on. Each one had a different meaning to the ancient Greeks, and for some, that meaning remains relevant today. There remain lessons and symbolism that we can take away from Greek myths, which makes them perfect for people looking for a meaningful tattoo. On top of that, with the right tattoo artist, the creatures and gods of Greek mythology can look crazy cool on just about any part of the body. To show you what we mean, here are the 80 best greek tattoos for men with amazing design and style.

Angry and Blue Fight on Chest Fight on Chest Greek Full Arm Griffin Injured Achilles Poseidon with Horse Warrior and Horse 3D Achilles Achilles on Bicep

Achilles on Shoulder Achilles Symbol Achilles Warrior Forearm Achilles with Flag Achilles with Wings Angry Poseidon Atlas Bows Atlas Lifting Body Atlas on Forearm Atlas with Globe on Shoulder

Atlas with Globe Big Phoenix Black Achilles Blue Poseidon Calm Poseidon Cartoon Achilles Charriot Colorful Atlas Colorful Phoenix Colorful Trident

Crazy Medusa Double Phoenix Fading Phoenix Fiery Phoenix Full Back Phoenix Full Back Poseidon Full Back Tattoo Full Phoenix Rising God of War Goddess

Gods on Ribs Greek God Back Greek God Greek on Collarbone Greek Warrior Icarus Lion and Achlles Medusa in Full Color Medusa on Sleeve Medusa Snakes

Medusa No Eyes Poseidon On the Sleeve Phoenix in Flames Phoenix on Chest Poseidon on Arm Poseidon on Thigh Poseidon with Trident Real Achilles on Sleeve Solemn Warrior

Storm Trident on Forearm Warrior on Bicep Achilles Helmet Atlas Overpowered Back Shoulder Achilles Bir on Shoulder Female Warrior Full Color Poseidon Full Sleeve Greek Warrior

Greek Myths on Sleeves Hercules on Arm Icarus Flying Large Poseidon Sleeve Mean Medusa Poseidon and Ship Poseidon on Two Legs Sad God on Chest Shirtless Poseidon The Battle