The 100 Best Chest Tattoos for Men

Except for face tattoos, nothing screams “Look at me!” more than chest tattoos for men. Few come close when it comes to the most badass and manliest body decorations.

Moreover, chest tattoos double as perfect excuses to show off a totally ripped-off physique, making them highly popular among men who work tirelessly to get a well-toned body. But like all other tattoos, it depends on the tattoo design whether a chest tattoo is worth showing off.

In this article, we’ll talk about how to approach chest tattoo designs for men. Because we don’t want you to end up with a half-assed tattoo design that will drown you with regret every single day.

Much like the entire back, the chest is a prime tattoo spot – the entire area is a sprawling canvas just waiting to be inked. It is an excellent place for a large tattoo, one that covers the entire chest and even extends to the shoulders.

Go with a design that makes use of the entire chest area. Don’t worry about certain parts of the tattoo getting distorted. Because even if you have an exceptionally beefed-up chest, curves won’t totally compromise the tattoo design.

Wings always get mentioned when talking about the best chest tattoos for men. Because of the wide space available, the chest area can display wings in their full glory. When it comes to tattoo designs with wings, you have several options. You can go for an angel or a guardian angel with their wings spread out end-to-end. You can go for an eagle or other kinds of birds. You can go for a dragon or a phoenix tattoo for men if you prefer fictional creatures over real animals.

You can also go for normally wingless things and then simply flank them with a pair of wings to create a more personalized custom design. For example, you can complement a skull design with a pair of angel wings to symbolize both life and death. Feel free to mix and match different symbols with a pair of wings to come up with a meaningful tattoo design.

If you don’t want a full chest tattoo, it is perfectly fine to go with a design that only covers half of the chest area. In fact, some men prefer a half chest tattoo that extends all the way to the shoulder and upper arm. If you already have an upper arm tattoo or a badass full sleeve tattoo, coming up with a one-sided chest tattoo design is a bit easier. You can simply base the design on the already existing arm tattoo.

Coming up with a large chest tattoo for men can be really challenging. All that available canvas can be daunting to fill up. You should work closely with a tattoo artist in creating a perfect tattoo design, one that you will always be happy to show off. This applies to all tattoos, really.

To help you get those creative juices flowing, we dug around and compiled some of the best chest tattoos for men. Hopefully, these tattoos will light up that idea bulb in you.

owl-tattoo-chest-male-chest-tattoos voodoo-chest-tattoo wings-on-chest-tattoos-WDcr 100-best-chest-tattoos-for-women-and-men-piercings-models-pertaining-to-heart-tattoos-on-chest Traditional-Eagle-With-Tiger-And-Panther-Head-Tattoo-On-Man-Chest-By-Myke-Chambers Traditional-Eagle-Tatto-Design-TB1088 Amazing-Grey-Ink-Eagles-Tattoo-on-Chest-For-Men Amazing-Hands-Eagle-Roses-Pendant-Chest-Composition-Tattoo animals-tattoo-male-chest-tattoos-birds-raven-wolf-for-men-animals-best-old-school-images-on-pinterest-eagles-shirts-and-best-male-chest Attractive-3D-Skull-Tattoo-On-Man-Chest-By-Benjamin-Laukis Awesome-Aries-Head-Tattoo-On-Mans-Chest Best chest tattoos for men (2) Black-Owl-Chest-Tattoo-For-Men (1) biomech_skull_tattoo_joe_riley_best_tattoo_artists_in_las_vegas_tattoo_shops_henderson best-lower-Chest-tattoo-quotes-men-3D best-chest-tribal-cute-tattoos best-chest-tattoos-for-men-manly-designs-and-ideas-with-tattoo-on-chest-for-tattoo-concept best-chest-tattoos-for-men-manly-designs-and-ideas-with-regard-to-tattoo-on-chest best-chest-piece-tattoo-45-of-the-most-powerful-mens-chest-tattoos-pinterest-best Best chest tattoos for men (3) c708e1b1f5bfabe264318c22f1543db8 chest dope-tattoos-crazy-tattoos chest-and-arm-tattoos-design-arm-to-chest-tattoo-designs-best-chest-art-tattoo-for-men-best chest-piece-tattoos-for-guys-chest-piece-tattoo-ideas-for-guys-bible-quotes-chest-tattoos-for chest-piece-tattoos-for-guys-mens-chest-piece-tattoo-designs-skin-arts chest-tattoo Chest-Tattoos-For-Men-by-Pavel-Roch chest-tattoos-for-men-mens-tattoosCladdagh-Chest-Piece-Tattoo Cool-Tribal-Tattoo-For-Men owl-chest eagle-chest-tattoo tattoo-abstract-abstract-art heart-skulls-mens-chest-tattoo good-ideas-for-chest-tattoos-good-tattoo-ideas-for-guys-chest-tattoo-best-chest-tattoos-and geometric-pattern-mandala-chest-tattoo geometric-chest-ring For-Men-On-Chest-rose-tattoo-chest-piece Family-at-the-beach-tattoo heart-wings-mens-chest japanese-chest-tattoos-for-men-chest-tattoos-for-men-designs-and-ideas large-for-men-animals-best-friends-in-french-graphics-best-male-chest-tattoos-birds-friends-in-french-tattoo-graphics-raven-wolf-for-men Valkyrie-tattoo-mens-chest-shoulder lion-chest-tattoos-for-man Mandala-Chest-Tattoo-by-Ryan-SmithFamily-at-the-beach-tattoo men-american-google-search-rites-of-american-mens-traditional-chest-tattoos-google-search-rites-of-best-friends-in-french-tattoo-graphics-best-mens Men-Chest-Tattoo-by-Russ-Abbott mens-chest-piece-tattoos Mens-chest-tattoo-ideas-6 mens-chest-tattoos-ideas-70-best-chest-tattoo-ideas-for-men Phoenix-mens-chest-tattoo owl-mens-chest owl-chest-tattoo-designs- mens-full-chest-tattoos-top-90-best-chest-tattoos-for-men-manly-designs-and-ideas-with mens-floral-chest-tattoo tattoo-mens-traditional tattoo-mens-traditional Right-Half-Sleeve-Tribal-Tattoo-For-Men-1 skull-clock-owls small-chest-tattoos-for-guys star-wars-chest-tattoo Superb-Black-And-Grey-Colored-Foo-Dogs-Ripped-Skin-Tattoo-On-Chest Superb-Polynesian-Tribal-Tattoo-On-Left-Chest-And-Shoulder-For-Mentattoo-designs-for-men-on-chest-drawing-cloud-chest-tattoo-designs-pictures-tatunka-tattoos tattoo-on-chest-for-men Tiger-chest-mens Tiger-face-chest top-100-best-chest-tattoo-designs-for-men-with-geometric-chest-tattoo top-100-best-chest-tattoo-designs-for-men-with-geometric-chest-tattoo top-100-best-chest-tattoo-designs-for-men-with-geometric-chest-tattoo top-100-best-chest-tattoo-designs-for-men-with-geometric-chest-tattoo