The 85 Best Aztec Tattoos for Men

One of the most common tattoo designs for men is an Aztec tattoo. Aztec tattoos for men stem from symbols and important features of the tribe’s history. They represent years upon years of tradition, and they reflect important values associated with Aztec people. Like any kind of tattoo, Aztec pieces for men are designed to represent an important message and permanently ink the skin with something you are proud of, so a decent amount of thought and planning should go into your Aztec tattoo design.

Take a look at the following Aztec tattoo ideas for men if you are in need of some inspiration. While you should never directly copy an already existing design, you can certainly show an image to your tattoo artist as inspiration for your Aztec tattoo. You will see that the majority of these Aztec tattoos for men involve sun gods, feathered serpents, and eagle figures. Other common elements in Aztec tattoos are ramshorns, scorpions, and horns.

For those of you who are descendants of the Aztec tribe, it has been said that Aztec tattoos help you to channel the energies of the gods, beliefs, and truths of your ancestors.  On the other hand, there are also those who relate to Aztec symbols as a representation of their personality or experience. Since Aztecs use symbols as their primary means of written communication, you’ll surely have enough designs to choose from to best serve whatever purpose you have. Take a look below at the 85 best Aztec tattoo ideas, designs and inspirations for men.

Warrior Surrounded Feathered Wings Memorial Tattoo Warrior Woman in Eagle Headdress Piece Warrior, Sun, and Fierce Lion Tattoo Colorful Aztec Warrior Forearm Tattoo for Men Colorful Feathered Female Warrior Piece Compilation of Aztec Designs on Your Shoulder Cover One Side of Your Upper Body with Aztec Symbolism Dual Eyed Aztec Warrior Princess Tattoo Eagle and Skull Hand Tattoo Faded Feathered Eagle Aztec Shoulder Piece

Family Names Aztec Back Piece Feathered Serpent and Bird Chest Tattoo Feathered Serpent Back Piece Feathered Serpent Forearm Tattoo Feathered Skull Aztec Shoulder Tattoo Fine Line Aztec Sun Shoulder Tattoo Flaming Feathered Serpent Chest Piece Forearm Aztec Architecture Tattoo Full Arm Aztec Ramshorn Tattoo Full Back Aztec Eagle Piece

Full Leg Aztec Symbolism Pieces Fully Covered Aztec Back Piece Green, Red, and Yellow Skull Triangle Piece Grey Ink Warrior and Eagle Aztec Piece Half Sun Aztec Chest Piece with Arrow Symbolism Headdress Warrior Woman Shoulder Piece Inner Elbow Sun Aztec Tattoo Left Chest Feathered Warrior Piece Leopard and Warrior Back Tattoo Lion and Warrior Aztec Piece

Multi-Layer Aztec Sun Over the Knee Aztec Tattoo for Men Sculptures of Skulls Inspired by Aztec Pieces Shoulder and Sleeve Feathered Serpent Tattoo Shoulder Aztec Piece for Men Shoulder Piece of a Young Aztec Child in a Headdress Shoulder Sun God Piece Shoulder Tattoo of a Woman Dressed as a Bear Skeleton Neck Piece Skeleton with Feathered Mask Neck Piece

Skull and Cheetah Aztec Forearm Tattoo for Men Spiritual Hook Sun Tattoo Sun and Steps Aztec Ruins Calf Tattoo Symbolic God Imagery on Your Forearm Tattoo of a Feathered Goddess Tattoo of a Feathered Serpent Along Your Arm Tattoo of an Aztec Woman and an Amulet Thick Lines Aztec Symbolism Chest Piece Two-Headed Aztec Warrior Up-Close Feathered Serpent Tattoo

American Traditional Style of Aztec Tattoo Ankle Tattoo of an Aztec Eagle Around the Neck Aztec Tattoo Arrow and Eagle Aztec Finger Tattoos Aztec Calf Tattoo Idea for Men Aztec Death Mask Hand Tattoo Aztec Design Wristband Tattoo Aztec Fish and Headdress Tattoo Aztec Gods and Sun Tattoo Arm Sleeve Aztec Inspired Skull and Eagle Arm Tattoo for Men

Aztec Necklace Tattoo Aztec Princess Chest Piece Aztec Shoulder Piece Using Triangles, Half Circles, and Dark Ink Aztec Skeleton and Bird Arm Piece Aztec Skull Design Aztec Star Sun Dial Tattoo Aztec Sun God Tattoo Art Aztec Sun Tattoo for Men Aztec Symbol Ring Finger Tattoo Aztec Symbol Shoulder and Chest Piece

Aztec Symbolism Forearm Tattoo Aztec Tattoo for Fertility with Scorpions and Ramshorns Aztec Tattoo Involving Hooks, Ramshorns, and Scorpions Aztec Tattoo with Dark and Thick Ink Lines Aztec Triangle and Solid Area Design Aztec Warrior Back Tattoo for Men Aztec Warrior Chest Tattoo for Men Aztec Warrior in Eagle Headdress Chest Tattoo Aztec Warrior Mask Aztec Warrior Symmetrical Chest Tattoo

Aztec Woman Shoulder Piece Bright Color Ramshorn Tattoo for Men Circle Sun Tattoo with Running Water Symbolism Circular Image of Very Detailed Aztec God Circular Ramshorn and Hook Shoulder Tattoo Collarbone Aztec Tattoo for Men