AUKEY True Wireless Earbuds

AUKEY’s new pair of Bluetooth earbuds delivers exactly what we’ve been looking for.

Coming with three different sizes of ear tips, they’re sure to fit comfortably in almost anyone’s ear as they provide great sound quality and just the right amount of noise cancellation. They’re also water-resistant, so you can wear them on your run, at the gym, or for a quick dash through the rain.

As for runtime, you’ll get about 7 hours on one charge, but they come with a portable charging case that provides enough juice to extend your listening time to a full 24 hours.

Both earbuds have touch control, so you can raise or lower the volume, pause, or speak to your phone. What more could you ask for in a pair of Bluetooth earbuds? And it all comes for less than $100. A handsome price for a sweet upgrade from any generic.


AUKEY True Wireless Earbuds AUKEY True Wireless Earbuds AUKEY True Wireless Earbuds