Augmented Reality Shopping with Bolle

Bollé is a French company that started in the 1800s and has grown to be an international leader in the sunglass, goggle, and helmet industries. The brand caters to outdoor enthusiasts and professionals, beach bums, and sunshine seekers alike—represented by American pro golfer Tim Herman, and skier David Wise. They focus on water and snow sports, golf, tennis, cycling, and other outdoor pursuits.

With COVID-19 heavily influencing the retail buying experience, Bollé has adapted to the current physical distancing best practices by bringing consumers an easy, worry-free way to try on their frames and different lenses. An Augmented Reality “Try on and Try out” campaign launched on Instagram yesterday.

Physically handling and trying on products in-store isn’t currently prevalent, so Bollé recreated the experience via Augmented Reality accessed through a QR code. It will redirect users to Instagram to start their Bollé virtual shopping experience from the comfort of their home at any time. Once on Instagram, shoppers can use the selfie camera to try on the frames, including the iconic Chronoshield frames, different lens colors, and view themselves with the glasses.

This new technology prevents the disappointment of receiving glasses that don’t quite fit your tastes or face, and the ensuing hassle of a return. Once you’ve found the just-right look, you can head outside and flip to the front camera to view the world through Bollé’s Phantom+ lenses. The Phantom+ lens possesses the advantage of Light Adaptive Lens Technology and features impeccable optical clarity, anti-fog technology, high contrast, and photochromatic performance.

Phantom by Bollé

With the “Try On and Try Out” AR, you can swipe through different lens views and features like choosing filters on Instagram. No matter your outdoor endeavors, you’ll be able to find the perfect pair of sunglasses, and through virtually changing filters, you can preview the effect on vision through the various conditions you may encounter doing what you love.

Bollé also offers prescription lenses, interchangeable lenses to adapt to different conditions, and adjustable nose pieces and temples equipped with Thermogrip to keep them securely in place during extreme conditions.

The partnership with QReal and M7 Innovations to bring this new “normal” way to try before you buy. This experience makes purchasing glasses hassle-free. Find your way to Bollé.com, hit “find a retailer,” and buy the specific model previewed on Instagram.

Phantom by Bollé

Through this Augmented Reality shopping experience, you’ll be able to shop for your new eyewear for outdoor goals this summer without going to a store. Not only can you check the style in advance, but you’ll be able to view the outside world through your chosen lenses through the magic of AR. Download a QR reader, scan the code, and start shopping right away!

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