Attire: Hygge life

Hygge is a concept by which the Danish, one of the happiest populations in the world, live by. It is used to describe a moment as cozy, comfortable or special. You do not require to know “how to do hygge”, or buy things that allow you to reach higher levels of hygge. However, the following clothing items will most definitely help you grasp this incredible lifestyle as best as possible.The black and white Ami Shearling Coller Jacket will give you a warm hug every time you wear it. It includes two patched flap pockets, and a shearling collar. You can pair this with the Nigel Caborun Authentic Reversible Roll Neck, made out of luxurious wool. You can also reverse it for a different look.

The Scandinavia Dreaming book will explain everything in terms of Nordic design, spaces and interior personalities. This book will help you understand Hygge to the fullest, and can even help you redesign your own home and surroundings to make them as comfortable and pleasing as possible.

The Shinola Runwell Sport Chrono is a light watch yet gives the most incredible performance. Besides working very efficiently, this watch can match every look, as it is beautifully crafted, and sharp.