Attire: Cycle Week

Cyclists need gear that works, won’t rip and can withstand anything you throw at it. What good are shorts when the crotch area rips wide open? Save the embarassment and check out this sweet set up by some of the top brands of the industry.



Mission Workshop | Stahl Shorts

For people who enjoy a single piece of clothing that can do it all, Mission Workshop’s Stahl Shorts are the way to go. Thse durable shorts have been designed to fit multiple purposes; keeping its shape while allowing maximum movements.

State Bicycle | Hanzo

Don’t let this classic hi-gloss red bike fool you. It is highly versatile and resistant. Bicycle Co. lets you completely customize your bike, so it can look how you want, while benefiting from the mosr reliable technology and build. It will take you from place to place, while projecting a stylish and fun image.

Showers Pass | Ultralight Wind Jacket

Being able to perform all sorts of movements while staying protected from the rain and weather is something that is quite difficult to accomplish. However, the Shower Pass Ultralight Wind Jacket weighs only 165g, while its Elite Wind Fabric lets heat escape and blocks light rain and wind at the same time.

Showers Pass | Apex Merino Tech T-Shirt

Made out of merino wool, this T-shirt has an incredibly soft feel and impressive durability. Its stretch properties will let you perfrom any kind of movement freely and comfortably. Best of all, the merino wool has the natural benefit of blocking bad odours…perfect for sweaty trail days.

ABUS | Bordo Lite

Your bike will be completely safe with the high-security ABUS Bordo Lite lock. The lock is made out of light steel and is foldable, making it simple and easy to carry around with you. Its synthetic coating will protect your bike’s paintwork.

DZR Shoes | Jetlag Nero

Urban bicycle-rider commuters and workers will have to look no further than the DZR Jetlag Nero Shoe. These slip-on shoes are mechanically proficient for bike riders as it is SPD compatible. It also stays comfortable and adequate for the office or the pub, so there is no need to change shoes.

Civic Wear | The Merino Sock

The Merino Sock is the best companion for those who are active throughout the whole day. From daytime to night, the Merino fibers neutralizes unwanted odors from sweat molecules. This will leave you comfortable and fresh during the whole day, until you take them off.

ABUS | Hyban Helmet

Safety is available in six colors that will suit the clothes of the average city bicycle riders. You can be sure to stay safe during your commute with this lightweight helmet. It also includes a platform for lights and cameras.

Mission Workshop | Division Pant

The Mission Workshop Division Pant is designed to fit any kind of purpose. Its fabric has been chosen specifically because of its durability and incredible performance at providing breathability, while being water and wind repellant.

Mission Workshop | The Rhake

From every-day commuters to adventurers, The Rhake backpack by the Mission Workshop may be your most faithful companion. Its main compartment is adjustable to the size that is needed, and can hold 22 liters of anything you want; from laptops and tablets, to an overnight pack. Its double waterproof layers will keep your items safe and dry.