Wearing work-appropriate clothes can turn out to be quite uncomfortable. Not only is work attire often hard to move in and certainly difficult to stay in for 8 plus hours at a time. Professional or formal dresscodes can often give the impression of someone that’s unapproachable or intimidating.

Due to this, it would be a good idea to consider investing in business casual work clothes. Besides giving you a more relaxed and light image, it is also a good option to wear for non-business events as they will nevertheless make you feel put together and classy. The following items in this list have been carefully selected to help you achieve this look.

Pairing the Kato Vintage Double Gauze shirt with the Taylor Stitch Chino will be both an extremely comfortable outfit to wear, and will combine perfectly. The fabric and texture in both of these garments are both designed to feel soft to the touch as well as to the eye.

The Moscot Tortoiseshell Glasses and the Vague GMT watch are both classic and high performing accessories that will pull your whole look together. Their earthtone color scheme will match flawlsessly to whatever clothes they are combined with.

To carry your daily essentials in, the Want Les Essentials Commuter Bag could be your best option. It has the capactity to hold your tablet, laptop, mobile phone and newspaper, as well as enough space to pack a change of clothes if you need to. It is also light enough in weight so that it can be easily carried while commuting on a bicycle or in public transport.

Finally, there is no better option for classic yet casual footware than the boot that Padrmore and Barnes offers. Durability and comfort are the main focuses that surround the construction of this boot.