Attire: Civic Merino Base Wear

The Civic Merino Base Wear collection features a type of rugged, but equally luxurious material that is innovative on it’s own terms: the wool from Merino sheep. These sheep, native to Australia, produce a wool with fine fibers, which are used to create Merino wool fabric that is itch-free, odor resistance, and durable. The Merino line focuses around this upscale material, which is nothing like the rough, patch wool you’re used to. The Merino wool is mercerized, which strengthens the fabric while also creating the softest fabric you can imagine, with none of the itch you get from cheap wool. Civic uses it in magnificent ways, creating a line of clothing that is both stylish and sensible, appropriate for lounging around, getting your sweat on, traveling, or even a ritzy dinner date. The Merino wool is naturally fireproof and helps regulate temperature (like it does for the sheep) so the Merino Base Wear is suitable for both indoor events and outdoor exposure, and is incredibly breathable when you are on the go.

The line includes everything from underwear to outerwear, incorporating a line of colors that are fashionable and neutral, so you can mix and match your favorite Merino items, and always look great.


civic merino wool boxerThe Merino Boxer

These boxers are made from a special mercerized version of the Merino wool. The mercerization process condenses and strengthens the fibers, making them even more luxurious and softer than before, which helps Civic make the perfect pair of boxer shorts. These shorts are incredibly lightweight and breathable, so it’s almost like having nothing there, except of course for the temperature regulation and undying style of Merino fabric. These shorts feature an athletic design that is form fitting and flexible, moving with you while you’re on the go, but providing the comfort and quality you can expect from the MErino line while you’re just lounging around. The Merino Boxer is available in two stylish colors, including heather gray and black.


The Antoni TeeThe Antoni Tee

The Antoni Tee has everything you need in a t-shirt. It is comfortable, stylish, and versatile, meaning it works well for any t-shirt occasion, whether lounging around the house, going for an afternoon run or quick gym trip, or wearing as a casual tee for a lunch date. The mercerized Merino wool is incredible strong and durable, providing a stylish, lightweight base for this stylish t-shirt. The scoop neck design features a durable collar and mid-length short sleeves that leave room for you to move without being too baggy. The athletic design is form fitting, but never too tight, leaving you with plenty of breathing room. The shirt is available in heather blue, heather black, and heather gray, so it should fit in nicely with any wardrobe.


The Merino SockThe Merino Sock

The Merino socks may be exactly where the Merino wool’s odor blocking abilities come in handy. Merino wool fibers carry an alkaline charge, which attracts sweat molecules and neutralizes them, destroying and blocking odors. These stylish and durable socks will help regular your feet’s temperature morning, noon, and night, and are great for sliding in a pair of loafers when you’re dressing up, or for simply wearing around the house when you’re dressed down. They work great as athletic socks too, thanks to the breathable and lightweight material. The Merino material is incredible durable and holds up through most wear and tear, but for added strength these socks include a nylon to and heel as well. They are available in a few different styles, including heather blue, black, and two different stylish, striped designs.