Los Angeles is full of unique buildings and structures, and its industrial style is not one that can be overlooked. This metro area boasts a huge range of modern industrialism fashions, and they are not only reserved for fancy art studios anymore. With the Arts District Loft, you will find a rather industrial backdrop that consists of a concrete floor to provide a base of neutral color for the rest of the Arts District Loft to depend on. It has exposed structural concrete on the ceiling, which brings this vibe from top to bottom. Offering a modern and inviting interior despite its crisp concrete makeup, the 2,000 square foot loft has been designed with a number of different textures, wood and metal finishes. The finishes are often soft and visually appealing, helping to soften the concrete space. Primarily, you are going to find an industrial-themed color palette of gray and black tones you can work with to add modern fixtures in bright colors or in crisp whites to complement the space, turning it into a modern dream or keeping the plain industrial vibe alive and well. The gray herringbone pattern of the floor and the custom casework cast in black extends the neutral color scheme. The Arts District Loft is a truly comfortable place for the lover of modern and industrial design, especially those who want to live in the intersection of such a contemporary take on everyday living.

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