No matter how good advertisement may make it seem, achieving a clean cut shave with traditional disposable razors and blades is not an easy or possible task whatsoever. Luckily, Morrama has come out with the revolutionary Angle Razor; allowing you to finally grasp full control of the blade that results in a precise shaving experience.

Angle Razor is a straight aluminium razor whose modern and sleek design not only looks professional and sophisticated in your bathroom; but will give you a new, professional and sophisticated turn to your image.

Angle Razor relies on physics to deliver such impressively controlled and quality shaves. The blades supplied have been carefully made to create the closest shave.

Although it may seem intimidating to load new blades in these types of razors, the main body of Angle counts with a magnetized system which makes loading new, sharp blades very easy and risk-free from cutting yourself. With a simple movement of the handle, the blade holder open, letting you introduce new ones without trouble.

Differently to the most common razor, Angle is intended to last you a lifetime. Besides saving you time and money, this is also a great way of contributing to a greener and sustainable planet becuase of the drastic reduction of waste.

The Angle Razor comes in two different finishes; anodized black or silver with the option of obtaining a modern, cylinder shaped matching stand.


angle razor silver