Ancaster Creek House

Located along a stream in Ontario, Canada, the Ancaster Creek House is large enough that it is able to accomodate a multi-generational family, including aging parents.

Sitting in the middle of a forest, this L-shaped structure has lined all its rooms and living spaces progressively along it, attributing each one with a different yet stunning view of the green scnenery they are surrounded by.

The ground floor of this house has been reserved for the parent´s suite. This is particularly convenient, as it is easily accessible without having to work about climbing stairs.  This section is actually structured as a small apartment. It includes its own kitchenette and living area adapted with accessories dedicated to memory loss. Its separate bedroom can be occupied by guests, or a live-in nurse.

By taking a beautifully crafted wooden staircase, you can reach the homeowner’s living space which includes a master suiite, an office and a sitting room.

The other wing of the house holds the main kitchen, dining toom and living area which circle around an exquisite central courtyard that gives the house a creative yet harmonious feel.

The entire Ancaster Creek House is covered in a floor to ceiling glazing; unusual, but blends seamlessly into the forestry environment it is found in.



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