Air Opus Pop-Up Camper

We’ve seen elaborate pop up tents in action movies but never actually in real life.  Introduced by Opus Camper, the Air Opus PopUp Camper is here to make your camping and adventures a lot better; something you thought could only happen in your dreams.

The Air Opus PopUp Camper’s tent builds up in less than two minutes. This is done by simply securing the bed ends, and turning on a switch. You will not have to worry about having to set the tent up with confusing traditional poles.

Either setting up or taking down traditional pop-up tents are alwas a hassle. On the other hand, the Air Opus PopUp is easy to set up, as it is to take down. The tent deflates in under 30 seconds, making packing up for the end of your trip a breeze.

The new tent design includes larger bed-end windows and additional skylights to make the tend a lot more brighter and spacious. Dual beds, kitchenettes, and electric brakes will enhance your camper as well.

If you’re travelling as a large group, the Air Opus has made the Full Air Awning option available. This will make the internal floor a lot larger so that more people can fit comfortably.

The Air Pole Technology used in the development of Air Opus grants you with the utmost quality and experience.


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