One of the most important protective gear or items for any motorcycle rider is their helmet. The AVG K6 Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet is an excellent pick thanks to its smart design and fantastic protective features. In fact, it’s a helmet that’s 48% more protective than existing legislation requires.


Like all motorcycle helmets, the interior is constructed from an EPS or expanded polystyrene foam shell. The higher the density of this foam, the better protection the helmet affords the rider. The AVG K6 has an EPS density rating of 5, meaning your head will be well guarded against impact damage even in the event of an accident.

The helmet is also constructed with carbon-aramid fiber. Carbon fiber is well known for its lightweight and extreme durability, even compared to heavier materials like steel. Again, this is an excellent benefit for the helmet and anyone who wears it. The helmet doesn’t weigh too much even while affording fantastic protection.


In terms of visibility, the AVG K6 offers 190° peripheral vision and 85° vertical vision: ideal for avoiding accidents and general situational awareness while on a bike. There are also five opening levels you can swap between as necessary, plus a micro-lock system to keep the visor in place without falling down every time you move your head.

The visor itself is up to 4.3 mm thick. This is both durable but isn’t too thick to prevent you from seeing the road or any potential hazards clearly. It also has a 100% Max Vision Pinlock 120 anti-fog system, keeping your vision clearer compared to lesser motorcycle helmets.

We also like the general design or shape of the helmet. The visor mechanisms, for instance, are built to be small and difficult to break. The helmet as a whole is shaped to minimize the odds of it impacting your collarbone. This is a frequent injury for those in motorcycle injuries.


The AVG K6’s interior features a cool but highly breathable fabric. Any rider who’s spent time on a bike in the hot sun knows how valuable this is. Another fabric type – soft Shalimar – provides a good grip and secures the helmet to your head even if you sweat.

Speaking of sweat, the helmet interior is treated with 2 dry coatings to help it absorb any moisture or sweat you may produce. This ensures greater helmet fitting security and increases your comfort even further. A sanitizing treatment rounds out the interior’s user-focused design. All in all, it’s quite a comfortable motorcycle helmet.

Of course, the exterior is waterproof and wear resistance. 5 adjustable front air vents are included, plus 2 rear air extractors.

Overall, the AVG K6 is one of the most innovative and protective motorcycle helmets you can find. It offers extraordinary value for money and balances comfort with defense in a superb, unforgettable way.