Adero Smart Organization System

If your busy life calls for a better form of organization, it’s time to consider the Adero Smart Organization System. The simplicity of its functionality is one of the most appealing factors, as Bluetooth enabled tags form a communication grid with each other, with you, and with the app.

This system means that any bag can easily keep up with all the things you need to have inside them, without actually digging through to make sure you packed everything. Your life is stressful enough without worrying if you left a much needed item out of the equation.

Smart tags are set aside for the most important items. Think large suitcases, a briefcase or anything else you would simply be lost without. Taglets go on the items you’ll need to have inside those larger bags when you’re ready to go. These are perfect for device chargers, headphones, game controllers and water bottles. For even easier access, you can pair three taglets to a single smart tag.

With the Adero app, available for Android, you can build and track the items you tagged and then create reminders that will help you keep everything together. When you’re ready to go, whether it’s just you or the entire family, you’ll be out the door in no time, knowing everything you need is exactly where it’s supposed to be.


Adero Smart Organization System Adero Smart Organization System Adero Smart Organization System