Wolverine Moviemaker Pro Film Converter

Even though we’re able to keep and perserve memories very easily today through smartphones and computers, the memories of our ancestors or past generations are slowly fading away and getting forgotten. This is because most of them are stored in reel-to-reel 8mm films that can no longer be revisited because there are simply none of these old film machines available and if they are, its highly unlikely that they work at all.

For the sake of regaining and reliving old memories, Wolverine has introduced the Moviemaker Pro Film Converter. This incredible piece of engineering and technology allows you to convert old 8m and Super 8 movie reels into digital videos that support upto 9″ reels and 1080/20 frames per second.

For high-quality content, this moviemaker digitizes frame by frame with no need for computers, software or drivers to complete this process. In the end, you’ll be left with an MP4 movie file of almost forgotten moments that are compatible for Mac, Linux and Windows operating systems. If you wish, you’ll be able to edit, share online, or burn the films on DVDs to make them available for friends and family.

The moviemaker also includes a screen which lets you monitor the whole process, while letting you digitize 32GB worth of movies in one go. Reliving memories, experiences and life from a whole different era is priceless, and definitely worth to invest in.


Wolverine Moviemaker ProWolverine Moviemaker ProWolverine Moviemaker Pro