White Desert Antarctic Adventures

Booking a trip with White Desert Antarctic Aventures is exclusive to those with an appetite for novelty and seek extraodrinary affairs. Jumping into this kind of holiday is for sure completely different than any other vacation you’ve experienced. The unexplored ice paradise of the South Pole is your destination.

You have a three different itineraries to choose from to suit your interests as good as possible. The way you’ll reach Antarctica will be the same in all three instances – in a private jet taking off from Cape Town, South Africa.

The Greatest Day Adventure itinerary will let you explore the breathtaking interior of Antarctica’s Wolfs Fang in a single day. As the name says so itself, this trip will have earned the “greatest day” title of all time

Ice & Mountains is a four day adventure where a luxury camp – Whichaway Camp – will be your home; located at the foot of a 200ft icefall. During this trip, you’ll visit one of the most exceptional landscapes.

The Whichaway Camp is the company’s way to accomodate their guests. It is a sustainable establishment that blends nature, high technology and luxury by letting you sleep under a transparent dome with integrated heating and a toilet. The rest of the camp includes a kitchen, a lounge, a dining room and shower facilities. Meals will be providing by White Desert’s award-winning chef.

The journey offered in the Emperor’s & South Pole itinerary is most certainly the fullest and potentially the most unique trip of a lifetime. During an eight-day excursion, you’ll discover the amaxing Emperor Penguin colony and reach the lowest geographic point of planet Earth. Definitely bucket-list worthy!

By booking a holiday with White Desert you’ll be sure to experience an original and different trip from all the rest, all while producing exceptional memories.