Wemo Mini Smart Plug

Wemo is the Smart Plug that works with Alexa, Apple Homekit, and Google Assistant, all through its WiFi connection. It makes it easy to schedule automatic events such as fans and lights turning on before you arrive home, or set up to sync with sunrise, sunset, or any other time you specifically program Wemo to.

Slim enough to be placed into both plugs of a single outlet, it can be controlled from anywhere. After downloading the free companion app, Wemo can be controlled from your smartphone or with voice assisted commands through Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, or Amazon Alexa.

With better protection than mechanical timers can offer, the Wemo can randomize the lights in your home, turning them off and on at random times. This gives the illusion that someone is home, whether they are or not. Furthermore, even the appliances plugged into Wemo can be controlled via smartphone or voice.


Wemo Mini Smart Plug Wemo Mini Smart Plug