Vanmoof Electrified S2 Bicycle

Available in either Thunder Gray or Fog White, the Electrified S2 is equipped with some great features, such as an intelligent motor that gives you a better range and great power control, an invisible battery, push of the button turbo boost for extra power whenever you need it, as well as a stealth locking system that offers all the security you need quickly and easily.

The S2 also comes with an anti-theft system that detects any tampering, which will be followed by a deafening alarm. As far as bikes go, this one practically takes care of itself when left out or loaded onto a hitch bike rack. Thanks to Bluetooth connectivity, the S2 will only respond to you or your phone. You can unlock it automatically as you get closer to the bike, or input your own personal code for a manual unlock.

For added attraction, a Matrix display, complete with 166 LED lights, provides a ride that is interactive and not the least bit boring.


Vanmoof Electrified S2 Bicycle Vanmoof Electrified S2 Bicycle Vanmoof Electrified S2 Bicycle