ALL Universal Gaming Controller

Designed to fit the hand ergonomically and comfortably like your favorite console controller but with more functionality, the ALL Controller is something that every gamer needs in their arsenal. It doesn’t matter whether you prefer to play games on your cell phone, console, or computer, this controller can take care of it all. Put your gaming style in your hands with the ALL Controller and play every game imaginable with this universal controller.

The ALL Controller features a screen that allows you to easily navigate its features and determine which platform it is you want to use. The controller even offers mouse and keyboard mode in order to make gaming with the controller a familiar experience. The ALL Controller even features button mapping like you would experience on a mouse and keyboard for access to macros that match your gaming style and give you a leg up in the game. Time sensitive button combinations are also ready to be figured in.

You can play for up to 40 hours without needing a charge, ensuring that this controller is able to outlast even the longest of gaming marathons. As comfortable as it is convenient, this ALL Controller even features ergonomic back paddles that feel good in the hand and allow you to play for hours on end without your hands cramping up. Connecting the controllers to the consoles is as simple as plugging in a USB adapter that lets it work on any console or computer system.