Timex MKI Chronograph Watch

The Timex MKI Chronograph watch is an absolute icon of military style combined with sturdy steel that functions at aircraft quality, handsomely brought together in a matte finish. It’s the perfect companion for regular everyday activities, especially with a fabric strap that provides both comfort and simple functionality. However, this watch is just as at home for formal settings as it is for casual ones.

Both rugged and refined, the watch is very similar to a rare military watch, exclusive to the United States Marine Corps. Timex produced that watch in 1982 under contract for the government. The MKI sports a light up dial, via Indiglo and is water resistant up to thirty meters. With both a chronograph counter and a second hand, it’s important to know that the larger is the chronograph counter.


Timex MKI Chronograph Watch Timex MKI Chronograph Watch Timex MKI Chronograph Watch