For those who are fortunate enough to consider this option, Surf Air is the perfect solution for skipping the stresses of travelling through traditional airports and commercial airlines.

Surf Air is the newest way to fly on a membership-based system. You are able to choose from two different plans. The Escapes plan offers you flights on the weekends, at $600 per seat, The Unlimited plan, pretty self explanatory, is based in an all-you-can-travel idea. The plans are paid by monthly fees.

Whether you pick one plan or another, you’ll take off from a private airport; free from having to wait ridiculous times on queues and in security checks. The flight crew will consist of no more than seven members, with only a single pilot required to fly the plane. You can be sure that the aircrafts used by Surf Air are reliable and of the highest quality; in fact, they go through regular mechanical inspections to attain and maintain the elevated standards.

This Pilatus PC-12 aircraft is exectuive; and is spacious enough for you to catch up on some sleep and or work. This plane is able to take you to eleven different destinations, letting you discover Nevada and California on your own terms.

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