Somewear Global Hotspot

The Internet has become an essential part of our lives. In fact, it could be said that the world has become entirely dependant on the Internet to do our daily activities and basic tasks. For example, we need Internet connection to guide ourselves from place to place through GPS, communicate with our peers and coworkers, ask for a taxi, and keep ourselves updated with the latest news. In any case that the connection is lost, or there is no connection whatsoever, it’s no secret that we panic, others panic for us, and there is not much we can concentrate on until we manage to get connected again.

With Somewear, you’ll never have to go through that again. Somewear is a global satellite hotspot that allows you to stay hooked and connected on the Internet anywhere you go.

Small enough to fit inside your pocket, it is an ideal device to carry around while on your next adventure in the outdoors. Wherever you may go, your phone will no longer face spotty coverage. You will be granted with 100% of global coverage by hooking up your smartphone to a sturdy connection with satellite networks.

While on your outdoors trip, you’ll be able to exchange SMS text messages, detect weather conditions, download GPS maps, and send out your location to anyone you need to. In case of emergencies, the device can send out an SOS signal that GEOS Worlwide monitors and will be able to respond to.

Better yet, Somewear is designed to be waterproof and shockproof so it can stand steady by your side.


Somewear Global HotspotSomewear Global Hotspot