Remarkable Paper Tablet

Notebooks are beneficial in that they allow you to scribble away to wherever your train of thought leads.

Tablets and iPads are handy; they have access to a world of possibilities, but no one can deny that the feeling of writing of paper is incomparable (and unbeatable) by having to type or press buttons to write things down on a screen.

However, you’ll be able to live the best of both worlds with the Remarkable Paper Tablet. Its surface is covered with a high-friction surface materials so that it looks and feels like paper itself. The pen that accompanies this device has over 2000 levels of pressure sensitivity; meaning that you will not neet to struggle or battle with it, so you can write as you please.

Different to a notebook whose pages can end, or an app whose strorage can get filled, the Remarkable Paper Tablet has 8GB of internal storage, or 100,000 pages for you to doodle, sketch, read and write on.

For artists or designers, this is a great solution for avoiding to scan your sketches each time. Besides having a paper-like texture, the screen is also highly responsive tools apart from the pen that’s included like brushes or other precise sketching tools.

Reading is made a lot easier as well. Any document can be transferred on to the tablet, allowing you to take notes as you go. Your eyesight will also stay safe from harsh bright lighting like tablets risk having.

This tablet is also an incredible way to save paper, as it can fully replace notebooks, printouts and sketchbooks.


Remarkable Paper TabletRemarkable Paper TabletRemarkable Paper Tablet